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Pankaj Karmarkar   23 January 2022 at 12:14

Transfer of property

My mom had a flat in her name in one of the Co-operative society in Mumbai. Due to her age and she was not able to manage things we decided to transfer it in my name. We did proper gift deed, got it registered and now have requested the society to transfer the flat in my name. Society is asking for transfer fees of Rs.25000/- which I think is not correct. They say that the definition of family has changed and hence u have to pay. Is it correct. Is there any way we avoid the payment as it looks unresonable demand. There was no financial transaction involved hence i should not pay. I need your views on this and legal opinion

Swastik Upadhyay   22 January 2022 at 19:42

Rti payment

Dear Sir/Madam,
1. I filed an RTI and they have asked me to deposit Rs1000 to them. Is my personal cheque accepted as payment method in this case?
2. Can I file RTI without disclosing my name and asking them the reply in my mail id??

Anonymous   22 January 2022 at 16:05


We are executing construction work under PSU. As per contract escalation to be paid vide CPWD manual clause 10CC. Original time of completion was March'2020 due to delays occurred on the part of the PSU for one year and further due to effect of COVID19 work has been extended up to June'2021. March'2021 extra work was incorporated and therein the PSU has cited the extended date of completion as 30.06.2021. Now during calculation of escalation citing the clause 10CC PSU wanted to freeze the indices as prevailing June'2020 for the following quarters like Sept'2020, Dec'2020, March'2021 and on. Till june 2021 75% of the original contract value has been executed. Hence balance 25% of original contract plus extra work yet to executed as on June'2020.

Now quaries are :-
Whether the indices of RBI and labour wages prevailing during the respective quarters of work done to be considered or it is to be freeze as suggested the PSU i.e. June'2020 for the further quarters.

Sharad   22 January 2022 at 01:03

Violence in a cooperative society by a tenant's kin

Hi All,
I stay in a flat in a cooperative housing society with my family where my father is a member of society. There is a tenant in my building. Both the tenant's son and myself play badminton with a common set of people , where there are members children and other tenants children in the cooperative society. I am staying here since last 35 years. This tenant family has come here 2 years back in the society.
Now recently after one game of badminton this tenants son physically did violent behaviour on me over a argument . I did not assault or physically initiate the fight with him. I only protected myself. Further he started and continued threatening me with various things.

Do I have any legal rights in society to punish or warn or take any legal action against (tenants son) this violent son of a tenant guy to teach him a lesson, in a non violent manner, as I am not a member in society.

Best Regards and thanks in advance for your suggestions:


Swastik Upadhyay   19 January 2022 at 16:42

Rti next step

Dear All,
I filed a RTI few days ago and again I did First Appeal also and got a reply today. Reply is as follows:

3. I, as first Appellate Authority, have carefully perused the facts as available on file and concerned rules. It is stated that the PFC-I & PFC- II Division has no information to furnish to the Appellant in the matter (conveyed to the Appellant on the online RTI portal on 14/01/ 2022). Therefore, the reply given by the CPIO is in order.

4. In view of the above, the appeal is disposed off accordingly.

5. further, the RTI application is transferred to CPIO, Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance for necessary action and providing available information to the applicant.

As point 5 says that they have transferred it to Controller General of Accounts,
Do I need to do anymore thing and what to do if I don't get any reply for next 30 days
Plz guide

Anonymous   19 January 2022 at 13:12

Tractor hp diff. bet. claimed by co. & as per rto

We are a dealer of tractor company for the first time in our state. As per their brochures, their website and other advertisement tractor hp of a model is 45. But after registration with RTO hp was mentioned as 39 in their records. Whether company has misled the farmers and dealers with this. Farmer has approached Consumer Forum against dealer only. Only after registration dealer came to know about this difference.Who is responsible for this difference.

Tanveer   18 January 2022 at 10:28

Notice period not mentioned in appointment letter

I have not received any appointment letter on company's letter head they have sent on my email id mentioning it as appointment letter but in that letter there is no clause mentioning notice period or any other terms & conditions which i have to follow.I have to join new job so do i have to give notice period or not.

Suresh Chekkala   14 January 2022 at 16:12

Housing society related issue

Hello Sir/Madam,

This is regarding our housing society. We have 4 shops in our society and recently one shop (builders) was sold to the customer. We were not aware of it as a Chairperson. Later we got to know that the buyer is going to open a chicken shop in our society which we have an objection in our society. As a buyer or a new owner he didn't consult for anything to the society's chairperson/secretary. We have issued a notice to the shop owner that we have an objection of chicken shop. Irrespective of it he is continuing his interior work in shop and illegally he took water and drainage connections which are supposed to be domestic purpose.

In this case how can we stop this to not open a chicken shop in our society.

Please provide a suggestion for next steps.

Anonymous   13 January 2022 at 13:27

Historical bank statements

Hi All,

I have sent amount to Canara bank local account from other country between 2009-2012.
i would like to see the bank statement for the same period.
is it possible to retrieve statements for those period as i need this for certain purpose.
i suppose they already started with online banking in that period.

what documents i need to submit as i didn't get proper response from the branch office as they are telling its not as per regulations to supply old statements beyond 2 years.

Anonymous   09 January 2022 at 00:51

अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति

मेरे पिताजी की मृत्यु 2017 में हो गई थी। तथा मेरे पिताजी राजकीय पालिटेक्निक कालेज में थे। मृत्यु के समय मेरे दो बड़े भाई सरकारी सेवा में थे। तथा वह दोनो अलग रह रहे थे। तो विभाग मुझे अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति देने के लिए मना कर रहा है । कि आपके भाई सरकारी सेवा में है। क्या मुझे अनुकम्पा नियुक्ति मिल सकती है क्या?
राजस्थान में ।


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