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Vishal Sharma   03 September 2023 at 22:00

Traffic e challans

Respected experts,
Bogus traffic challans ( so called e challans) are increasing. One doesn't know anything about the offence till one receives the challan(s) through sms. These are done basically by cops in another districts to fulfill the targets given. The cops must obtain signature about the offence on the spot before issuing challans. This can't be ex parte. Could you please advise on legal steps on this.

Anonymous   03 September 2023 at 16:09

Sebi form isr-3 and form isr-1

Hello Legal Folks,

I recently submitted Form ISR-3 to RTA LinkInTime India Pvt Ltd. for KYC updation. The form was downloaded from official SEBI website. The link is below: › sebi_data › commondocs › nov-2021 › Form ISR-3_p.pdf

On the Form ISR-3 it is clearly stated that signature and address of witness is not required if the account holder signs the form and is ONLY required if account holder affixes THUMB impression.
* Signature of witness, along with name and address are required, if the account
holder affixes thumb impression, instead of signature

I have signed the form and so no witness address and signature was required. I sent the form to RTA and they rejected the form claiming I need to have witness address and signature. I have repeatedly tried to explain but LinkInTime keep replying that form is rejected because no witness address and signature.

It appears RTA LinkInTime is making their own rules and regulations and are not comply to SEBI requirements and rules which are now standard and needs to be adhered to by RTA and corporations.
I am now facing my physical share certificate to be sent to IEPF and this is going to cause me difficulty.

Can the legal folks guide me to take legal action against RTA and Bharat Forge Ltd who also is not taking any action in this matter. Thank you.

Anonymous   02 September 2023 at 18:17

Release of property documents

I mortgaged my property for a home loan(myself as principal borrower) with co applicant as required by bank. for the release of documents they want consent from co applicant who is not available now, what to do

vinay singh   31 August 2023 at 19:54

Writ prayer amendment

If the writ prayer amendment application is filled in the high court. Writ No is the previous one or the allotted new one

Sachin Kumar   31 August 2023 at 13:19

Enrolment as and advocate

Can a person only do enrolment as an advocate but he donot want to apply for advocate certificate of practice.
(A person doing job do not want to practice law, he only want to do enrolment as an advocate).

Anonymous   29 August 2023 at 07:21

Building nameplate issue

I am Shweta. I purchased new home before 4 months. Now we would like to put my name plate on society owners nameplate. But society forced me that you have to put by own money but pattern, font, design should be same as others. My query is there if I put the nameplate with my own money then choice of design is mine.. is there any law that u have to put same nameplate

Anonymous   27 August 2023 at 16:57

Parking issue

Hi experts, I have parked my vehicle at Limgampally railway station, Have visited for 15 minutes to the platform, after return parking vendor asked 20 rupees for parking, questioned him on what basis he is charging that money, he said per every 2 hours they will charge 20 rupees, then I asked I have parked only for 15min why don't you charge for 1 hour and take 10 rupees, suddenly some other guy came and argued rudely to give 20 rupees, asked him who are you and why you are interfering, he said he is the parking owner, then I asked him his licence. Then he came shouting at me and threatening to beat me, I have searched for police officer nearby but found no one, please let me know whom to complaint against this incident. Thank you

Pradyot   24 August 2023 at 17:09

Sr council appointment

I have filed Cr WRIT for Perjury in Bombay High court And has appointed an Advocate
I as a complainant can i appoint Sr Council for the case?
Is it only Advocate can appoint Sr Council?

Anonymous   24 August 2023 at 09:44

About 24hrs resignation

I have posted in bhubneshwar AIIMS odissa as a staff nurse since 2 month and there is 6 month not rendering resignation bond, I have given a 24 hrs resignation but they did not accept ,,
I want to join in Raipur AIIMS but due to not having NOC and resignation Reliving from AIIMS bhubneshwar I am unable to join Raipur AIIMS,,
Kindly give me a suggestion,, is 24 hrs resignation possible at bhubneshwar AIIMS

Jane Williams   24 August 2023 at 01:27

Crypto expert

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