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Amarjit   25 September 2019 at 11:52

Last date of suit

Dear Sir/Madam

If chq bounce:

Notice sent on 27th Aug 2019 ( Given 15 day to reply in notice )

Notice received on 3rd Sep 2019.

Now what is the last date to file the suit.


Anonymous   21 September 2019 at 23:23

Usage of trade mark registered in india


Can a Trade Mart Registered by a company in India be used by USA/UK companies in there country ie. usa/uk?

Amarjit   11 September 2019 at 10:38

138 case filing format

Respected Members,

I want the format for 138 case. I want to file the case against the party.


P Company from New Delhi supply the good to K Company in punjab. K issue the chq and chq was bounced. P company already sent the notice and no answer from k company. Now P company want to file the case against the k company.

Please help me to share the format of the case file in this case. I am very great full.


Anonymous   09 September 2019 at 18:22

Issue with property purchased from gpa holder


I have an issue with a property I purchased in Bangalore. Please guide me.

I (C) purchased a plot from GPA holder (B) in 1997 through sale deed. The GPA holder had received GPA from plot owner (A) in 1986.
The plot owner A died in 2005 and I registered the plot in my name in 2008 via GPA holder B.
Now the kids of A have filed a case against me (C) and GPA holder (B) claiming A gave GPA to B for money and B sold the property illegally after A died. We are in position from the time we brought the plot.
Doesn't the sale deed which was made before A died matter?
What are the options I have?

Amarjit   23 August 2019 at 14:47

Notice u/s 138

Dear Sir/Madam

I have sent the notice to one company u/s 138 at chennai. My client got the (PDC) chq 8 month back from the client favor of XYZ company name. 2 month back company name has changed XYZ to ABC

Chq submit in the bank and bounced (Chq favor of XYZ)


We have sent the notice and mentioned the old company name of XYZ It’s correct OR we should send the notice again with new name of the company means ABC. Which we can mention that XYZ is now ABC.

If with XYZ is correct no issue then can we file the case with new company name means ABC. Because now company name has changed we can’t use old name

Please suggest what we should do.


Gaurav Rajpal   12 August 2019 at 22:03

Unauthorised absence

I had applied for 5 days LAP which was rejected by my controlling on file noting and still i proceeded on leave. Formally, i got my leave rejection letter later when i came back. During the course of leave, no formal message or call from my authority regarding consequence or ordering me to join duty within specified date came, only 1 whatsapp message was there. Now, chargesheet for insubordination is being issued against me and i have to reply to that chargesheet. I, too, don't want to prolong this matter. So, what should i write in my reply? Should i apologize for my act straightaway or should i mention about all this procedural lapses (not sure)???

Anonymous   10 August 2019 at 16:56

About freehod in cantonment pending

Sir my father had paid the earnest money of freehold 13000 of the total 54000 in the yr 1996 but after so many reminder from my father they fail to response &then my father was died in 2007 after that we the leese son have given reminder in 2010 &then cntmnt board ask if we r ready for new str rate in which we have accepted but again there was no response till 2018 they gave us new rate which amounted 180000 now the any is too high for us &they keep changing their any pls help to find sufficient answer

Amarjit   05 August 2019 at 13:05

Trade mark objection

Dear Sir/Madam

My trade mark name is EUROTOYS.

The Trade Mark application is open to objection on relative grounds of refusal under Section 11 of the Act because the same/similar trade mark(s) is/are already on record of the register for the same or similar goods/services.The detail of same/similar trade marks is

1. EURO and status is Exam Report Issued ( APPLICATION DATE 13/04/1998)
2. EURO and status is Opposed ( APPLICATION DATE 19/02/2003)

What should I do. Both the above mark not register and its pending from long time. Also What is the format of Reply.

Please help.

Ravi Chopra   21 July 2019 at 19:37

Online course

How can I protect my online course content ? I have noticed, trainers enroll as students and teach my content either in a Face to Face class or on Live online sessions to their students.

I have identified 2 such enrolls and one of them tried to used my content for teaching his 54 students.

Am wondering how to avoid such situations in future as I worked really hard for nearly two years to create the course.

Anonymous   22 June 2019 at 18:45

Need help

Hello Sir/Madam,

in the year 1965, my father had purchased 1.80 cents from SC AD land unknowingly the law, till then we are doing agriculture on that land in the year 1984 we had got the UDR patta for the same. in the year 2006, my father had transferred this property to me and I have got patta & all other documents in my name.

now, Grandson's son had come back claiming this is AD land, shouldn't be purchased and they have claiming is their land after almost 52+ years. can you please suggest what is the legal we can fight with him. any advice will help me to save my property, please suggest at the earliest.


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