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Rangee   03 July 2020 at 23:31

Sarfasi law

My question is one lady mortgaged her property by depositing title deed with bank as guaranttor for loan of her sons firm. she died leaving a will prior to mortgage as per the will 52% of property mortgaged she has gifted to third pary her relative who is not legal heir. the will was not revealed to the Bank until issue of 13(2) notice, now whether this property willed to third party can be sold under sarfasi law, please answer

uganti   03 July 2020 at 21:26

On first meeting to lawyer should accuse will reveal secret

when a accuse wish to show his FIR (first time ) to advocate
1.should he tell to lawyer that he has mens rea in theft case or he should not disclose this on very first meeting ??
2.or after 2nd or 3rd meeting he can disclose ?? or never disclose ?
3 if he wants this lawyer to handle his case what should he do ?

Anonymous   03 July 2020 at 09:05

Took loan at higher rate of interest

My Dad borrowed some fund from a person.
The person charges high rate of interest.
My Dad regularly paid the interest. But looking towards calculation, the amount of interest paid by my dad has exceeded twice the principle amount. Still principal amounts stands to be outstanding. And with this due regards he creates enormous pressure.

All of the above he wants Gold as security and also eyes to the properties.

Kindly suggest us what legal step should we take?
My Dad is in full depression and is unable to think much

jains   02 July 2020 at 22:58

Removal of minor from party array

Minor was initially arrayed as a plaintiff for an injunction suit filed by his adopted mother regarding the property belongs to his adopted father. Adopted father is no more. So on an impression that wife and the adopted child would succeed his property, wife filed suit for injunction. Later it is revealed that the adoption made was not legal. Hence not valid in the eye of law. So wife alone got legal heirship certificate from the revenue authority. Whether the minor ca be remvoed from the party array of plaintiff and the wife alone can proceed with the suit?

sood   02 July 2020 at 18:33

Societies registration act 1860

In a Resident Welfare Association regd under the above Act, A joint family residing in the Society has a Single subscription on the basis of a single unit in the Society in the RWA, can it have two votes for two brothers of the family residing in that single unit

Thanks in advance

Anonymous   02 July 2020 at 17:37

Issue with the college

Dear experts
I am a university student, in a final year,
my college university is not providing me my mark-sheet of 1st & 2nd semester, I have no dues pending and the university is delaying by postponing the date to issue mark-sheet,
What can I do as a student against the university? please provide me some legal steps against the university.

Anonymous   02 July 2020 at 14:00

About retrenchment

Dear lawyers we around 750 workers worked for power plant are redeployed to some other power stations in that 750 workers around 300 workers are redeployed to power plant which is nearest to us 60km long and it's sub critical plant and it requires man power but the chief engineer of power plant where we worked about 22 years almost is telling the management there is surplus staff but he's showing 750+ app contract based workers turned as artisans and as said above 750 workers out of 300 the rest 450 workers are redeployed to power plant which is around 200 kms is inunder construction in fact even civil construction is not done it might take around 5 to 6 year's for cod and after cod has done there will be work for our workers we had a doubt and requesting that plz post us to place which is nearest to us and there's requirement of workers but the management is crucially without any mercy first redeployed us to another power plant which is 200 km far away and now has ordered to join ts transco which is another corporation we are suffering a lot for management decision and we are suffering a lot without our families plz help us

Anonymous   02 July 2020 at 09:40

False 107crpc/111 crpc filed against us

My mother has a ongoing domestic violence case against my father inspite of which my father still beats her and harrass es us.On 20th may after a argument she wax severely beaten and when she went to complain the police were taking my father's side only and because of covid we didn't go for medical.Cut to 30th June we recieved a summons saying that me my mom and sis are called in court under above mentioned sections.I don't understand this at all?The fight is between my mother and father he beats her and they argue we only come between them when he starts beating her.What should we do?Police don't help us and say that we don't have any rights.My father has also beaten my sister and we have done medical for that too.But police don't take action and say we don't have rights.

Anonymous   01 July 2020 at 23:06

Temporary injunction cannot be decided along with suit

Order has been passed on temporary injunction application that the application will be decided along with the suit. Now advocate of plaintiff filed an application for urgent hearing of temporary injunction application. Is it maintainable? If not then please give me case laws.

Anonymous   01 July 2020 at 20:38

N i act

Dear Experts plz clarify the following
1. What is the result if the drawer not receives the notice under NI Act
2. Banker endorsed insufficient funds, and the payee got issued notice to the proper address, which is mentioned in their agreement, but the drawer is presently away from that address and the notice is returned unserved with an endorsement that "Address left" in such case can the payee proceed to file a complaint


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