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Anonymous   05 March 2021 at 01:30

Handicap laws

Respected responder,
My father-in-law as been blind for passed 2yrs . Last week he sold a land which was in his name with his daughter but his son is not aware of this deal which happened . His there way that he can sell the land without the knowledge of his son , because he feels his father his been cheated by wrong people.

Anonymous   04 March 2021 at 22:54

Why fitness certificate is needed for appeal

Why fitness certificate is needed for appeal from lower court to high court when the accused got punishment and is out on bail
Mine friends uncle got punishment and then bail
but the lawyer told mine friends uncle to come with fitness certificate for appeal of bail extension or for appeal from lower court to high court
please tell me what is fitness certificate .

jeevan deshpande   04 March 2021 at 16:16

Where i get info on diff in 100 call and fir

first 100 call is made and FIR registered after 10 days
what is exact technical procedure

lawyer can argue on that point that police had not taken action under 100 call but case lodged under FIR

what is difference, where i get those details

Anonymous   04 March 2021 at 16:03

Legal demand notice

I was using ICICI credit card in the year of 2019 last I have used in Feb'19 and till then I was paying minimum amoun t every month but after lockdown I lost my job and stopped payment of credit card due, now after several time called I have paid last two month total 11000 and now they are saying that interest amount increasing day by day and they are claiming 55000 to settle the card which is not possible for me as I have lost my job since lockdown.

I have informed everyone regarding this who are calling but they are threatening to me that case will be transfer to legal department and I will face issue regarding this, please suggest and help me to close the matter.

jeevan deshpande   04 March 2021 at 15:42

Case is at hearing stage

under 325/323

a single women is beaten by hand at her home, by her own nephew. at that time her own child 9 years is eye witness, but police not taken her name as witness. The case is at hearing stage, for other 3 witness summons is issued.

my question is

is one of three witness (say A) given statement that he is EYE witness and the child was also known his presence at the time of crime then..
can court call that child to verify the truth ? though the child name is not in witness list ?

otherwise how the witness 'A' himself prove his presence, bcoz at the time of crime (other than a child) no one noticed that 'A' was present

if court called the child though he is not in witness list, can that child assumed or allow to become a witness in main case

plz guide

A SRIDHAR   04 March 2021 at 15:19

Share of property available to second wife

When the first marriage was not annulled, a man with some ancestral properties got married for the second time and he has three daughters on either side - He died recently intestate - A major portion of the property was sold by this man for spending on second wife and her daughters.

What is the share available to first wife and her three daughters on the remaining properties left behind.

Kindly explainA7AB

BRIGADIER RM SHARMA   04 March 2021 at 12:18

Donation under section 80g of it act

How will my donation to a charitable institute be treated? What is the limit of donation for exemption? The institute is registered to accept donations and issue certificate for claiming exemption.

Anonymous   04 March 2021 at 00:48

Property transfer

I am successful bidder of auction property,bid done online by sale cum monitoring committee constituted by hon supreme court that means property under liquidation by order of supreme court on as is where is and whatever is there is basis and as it what is
After completing 25% EMD,it found that their was lien or loan of some co operative bank. Now 75% remaining amount is due, Now my question is what stand should SMC take for such Lien or loan before transfer to me, will they transfer after releasing lien by taking NOC from bank. What's is the procedure according to property trasfer act ?

arul francis   03 March 2021 at 11:55

Land acquisition

Our Developer has transferred part land after construction of buildings to his adjacent plot Society in Mumbai. Please advise if you can provide your services on the matter
Arul Francis

Anonymous   03 March 2021 at 09:37

House pledged to coop. bank and loan has been taken.

The loan was cleared by a person G and auctioned the house with the permission of a court towards his debt. The person who borrowed a loan from this coop bank got a stay in High court against the suit of G by paying amounts of the coop bank dues already paid by G, and also 50% of dues in the present case to the creditor G as per the High court orders to maintain the present suit. The house documents are still with The debtor D approached the for his pledged documents. He produced his suit information voluntarily and other particulars to the coop bank also. Can the bank return the pledged documents to the Original owner. Can the coop bank refuse to handover the documents with any right?

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