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L. Sathish   29 January 2010 at 19:28

Tamil Nadu Land Reforms Fixation of Ceiling Act

Helo Friends

i am advocate from Pondy

i would like to know

a. how much is a standard acre under Tamil Nadu land reforms and fixation of ceiling act (for both dry lands and wet lands)

b. can a society registered under Societies Registration Act, claim any exemption from land ceiling.

c. if not are they entitled to apply for permission for holding excess lands.

friends please clarify on this subject.


Anonymous   27 January 2010 at 11:35

Money Lending Act

What are the prerequesites to get a license under the Money lending Act - Maharashtra?

Parthasarathi Loganathan   25 January 2010 at 19:30

Court Intervention

I have posted a query on Transport Woes in the Expert's forum. The facts in the issue are very glaring that though every citizen is aware of the plight, no concrete steps have been initiated to set things in order. Public Interest Litigation do not necessarily yield the desired results to highlight the matters which are detrimental to Public Interest at large. My specific doubts are summed up as under:

(a) As in the case of high profile matters, under which circumstances the Court intervenes into the matters which are detrimental to public interests?

(b) What are the Constitutional provisions and obligations on the part of the Apex or High Courts to question the authority of the State ?

(c) Is there any Judicial Committee which monitors the matters which upset the peace and tranquility in the State on account of misdemeanors of Public Authorities?

(d) Are there any precedents which match the similar facts where interests of common citizens are protected by the intervention of Courts?

(e) Whether any High Court is vested with any constitutional powers to question the acts of the State in the absence of any Public Interest Litigation?

I need specific point-war guidance from the expert panel in the interest of Common Citizens.

ramesh   24 January 2010 at 00:19

appeal filed before SDO

I purchased a plot by regd. sale deed in apr.2002. I got 7/12 and ferfar in 2002 from patwari, again in 2003 i paid NA tax for 2 years and recd fresh 7/12 from next patwari . I paid NA tax again in 2005. now the patwari on duty says plot is not in my name but it is someone else;s name who has purchased it one month before me from poa holder . i recd. certified copy of his sale deed there is no copy of POA attached with sale deed nor any registration no. of POA is mentioned in that sale deed .saledeed onlr mentions only name of POA holder .My lawyer says that may be they donot have POA . so we have filed appeal with SDO court. case has been admitted and notices have been issued to 3 patwaris and owner of the property and other buyer of the propertyby way of POA. first hearing is on 27/1/10. my question is - can a SDO cancel his ferfar and 7/12 if it is found that they donot have any POA. can we make sub registrar also party for registering sale deed w/o checking POA ? is it the right procedure or should I file police complaint ? my lawyers says lets us see what is the order of SDO .then we will take next step since patwaris are also involved here so we went to SDO court.

dr. Sanjiv   22 January 2010 at 22:33

copy_patna high court decision_retirement age_college teach

dear sir'
Kindly email me the copy of the patna highcourt judgement oct. 2009 on enhancement of retirement age of college teachers. I failed to get the copy from the website of patna highcourt because i don't have any authentication no. So the same may please be attached to my email ID at ur earliest

hussain   22 January 2010 at 16:00

Excise duty on Ayurvedic Product

Dear Sir
As per below links appears that as per supreme court no Excise duty applicable on Ayurvedic Medicines
2) msid-1447233

Please reply me so that we can follow as per rules.

thanking you

Raja Rajeswari S   22 January 2010 at 13:13

Registration procedure with Customs - partner bein foreigner

What is the procedure to get registration under Customs by partnership firm engaged in manufacturing and exporting of engineering goods where one of the partner is a foreigner(not NRI) with 50% capital contribution?


nishil khona   21 January 2010 at 23:07

opening a network marketing

i'm opening a network marketing company and want a good advocate from mumbai who is experienced in this field and can help us with all the legal aspects.

pls advocates reply back

Raja Rajeswari S   20 January 2010 at 13:19

Foreign investment in Partnership

Kindly clarify over the following:

FEMA regulations:

1.Investment in Partnership Firm / Proprietary Concern
A Non-Resident India17(NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin18 (PIO) resident outside India can invest by way of contribution to the capital of a firm or a proprietary concern in India on non-repatriation basis provided;

i. Amount is invested by inward remittance or out of NRE / FCNR(B) / NRO account maintained with Authorised Dealers / Authorised banks.

ii. The firm or proprietary concern is not engaged in any agricultural / plantation or real estate business (i.e. dealing in land and immovable property with a view to earning profit or earning income there from) or print media sector.

iii. Amount invested shall not be eligible for repatriation outside India.
2.Investments with repatriation benefits

NRIs / PIO may seek prior permission of Reserve Bank19 for investment in sole proprietorship concerns / partnership firms with repatriation benefits. The application will be decided in consultation with the Government of India.
3. Investment by non-residents other than NRIs / PIO

A person resident outside India other than NRIs / PIO may make an application and seek prior approval of Reserve Bank20, for making investment by way of contribution to the capital of a firm or a proprietorship concern or any association of persons in India. The application will be decided in consultation with the Government of India.

I) As per the above clause 2, what is the procedure( forms to filed) to get approval from the GOI to avail the repatriation benefits by NRI/POI? Can he repatriate the income earned over the investment without any GOVT approval?

II) As per the above clause 3, what is the procedure( forms to filed) to get approval from the GOI to enalbe a person outside India other than NRI/POI to invest in a partnership concern in India? Can this guy repatriate the invsetment and earnings without Govt's approval? If not, how to get permission for such repatriation?

kindly brief me the procedure to get approval for the above two cases .



Suwarn Rajan   20 January 2010 at 11:28


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