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Rajesh Singh   24 May 2020 at 22:04

False complaints again and again

Hello experts,

Today I need your advice in the matter of one of my friend facing since many months, as a friend I want to help her under legal provision available in law.

She is working in a goverment department under contractual position renewed every year, last year she has got transfer within district wherein she is getting pressure from many sources to approve some files for appointment of person (approch) without noting actual facts ,they have offered monetery benefits for the same but she didn't acccept there offer and forward there files with actual noting,

Due to actual noting file had rejected by dept, After that she got many calls and approach from the diffrent dept to approve such files.

She did her job with integrity and didnt do anything wrong , but due to higher approch now she started to receive complains from individually and every time she has to explain, even senior official knows her working and support her but she is now getting mentally harash from the false complain,

Experts I know she didn't do any wrong but the time is she has to prove her innocence every times ,

Is there any provision under any Indian law wherein she can also complain regarding false complain and take action against the person doing false complaints.

Your expert advise is required in the matter,

tarun   24 May 2020 at 11:44

Appointment letter withdrawn/cancelled

Dear Sir/Madam,

A little background about my case.
I was working in company "A" in Chennai. I got a job offer in company "B" in Noida. I resigned from "A" and was about to join "B" on 7th April. Somehow due to Covid and lockdown, "B" moved my joining date to 3rd May when lockdown was scheduled to over. Meanwhile I got another job offer from company "C" from Mumbai at their client location in Gurgaon. I told "C" that I have an offer from Noida based company and as it is far from my place, I am looking to get any job near to place. As Noida is far from my place as well, I was happy that I got a job near to my place. Company "C" sent me the appointment letter and I accepted same. My joining date in "C" was 21st Apr and I joined as well from home. I was also in touch with the concerned person from client side about getting my user id, password, laptop etc. On 20th Apr, the HR from C asked me to decline the Noida offer and send me that email for records. I did same. On 24th Apr evening, an HR from "C" called me that client delayed my joining due to Covid crisis by few months and so they cancelled my appointment. My understanding is that when are aware that I have declined another job because of them, they should honour their offer. Now, it over a month and despite sending two reminders over email to company "C", I am not getting any reply. They havn't even called me to know about how I am doing or any progress about my joining.

With all above mentioned, I lost both my job offers and so jobless now.

Now, please advise what options I have now. Should I file any case against the company "C" as per laws or anything else possible.


Dipen   23 May 2020 at 19:57

Notice of intimation_housing loan

Respected Experts,

I have seen Banks filing Notice of Intimation to Registrar's office in case of Housing loans?

What is the purpose of this (apart from mandatory requirement)?

Will any buyer be intimated when he goes for registration of property that the property is mortgaged one?


N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha   23 May 2020 at 15:41

Ramadan eid mubarak --2020

Wishing Every one A Joyful , Pleasant , Prosperous Ramadan. Ramadan Eid al-fitr Mubarak --2020 ---- Khuda Hafiz

Anonymous   22 May 2020 at 22:37

Termination of employee during cirp

Dear sir,
Facts : The company is under Insolvency proceedings (CIRP) as per the order of insolvency.
At Present the affairs of Company is being run by Resolution Professional.
Current Status : Settlement between Promoters and Financial Creditors is undergoing and there is likelihood for settlement.
Employees has filed IA before NCLT for the payment of outstanding salary for both Pre CIRP and Post CIRP process.
The matter is pending before NCLT and on the last date of hearing NCLT has directed to pay salaries of employees on priority from available funds.
Now RP has communicated during COVID-19 that he intends to terminate employee by paying half of the pending salary of POST CIRP period and the remaining will be paid post settlement with the promoters or upon liquidation as the case may be

Question: Can RP terminate the employment during this period when the matter for payment of salary is pending before NCLT.
What is legal defence the employee have against this intended termination ie without the payment of complete dues.
What stand we need to take for filing appropriate application before NCLT against this intended termination b
while the settlement process is on

rdana   22 May 2020 at 20:27

My father surname issue

Hello Sir,
I have a typical problem. please help me with this.

My father during his childhood, he used to always stay at his mom's (Nani's) maternal house to find some livelihood as it is town and he was not well educated. Please assume his moms maternal family surname is X and his fathers paternal family surname is Y. He used to stay very rarely with with his father. Gradually, he had become like a adopted child at his moms maternal house and his surname was slowly started changing to X.

He got job with surname X as well. Later we the children inherited the same X as our surname too.
While my father was doing job he bought a house , but he made a mistake here, by registering the house with surname of Y (his father's parental surname) . But no objection was made as this property registration was done in 1976-78, I suppose that ID proofs of the property buyer was not mandatory at that time..

Time passed by and my father died in 2002. In the Death certificate of my father, the surname was X.
Now I wanted to make my mother as Legal heir of that property.
But as the Sale deed of the property is on Y surname, there was mismatch with our Surname X.

Please let me know, can I get that sale deed corrected with Surname X now.
Or any other alternative to get my mother's Legal heir completed.

Dipen   22 May 2020 at 19:09

Word label in trademarks


I can see word (LABEL) after a trademark. What does this mean?


Dipen   22 May 2020 at 19:06

Trademark class for software

Respected Experts,

What is difference between Class 9 & Class 42 for software in Trademark.

To be specific, I have a software which will be available to users on subscription basis for a year. Will this be covered under Class 9 or Class 42?

Also whether license key sent on email or in CD, will it make any difference to class applicability?


Anonymous   22 May 2020 at 14:41

Tenant refusing to pay rent and dues

My tenant has informed that he will be vacating my flat in the near future. But he has stopped paying the rent for last 2 months. He has said that he may vacate the flat in the next month i.e.June 2020.
However, even if his rent is adusted against the deposit then his rent and due amount exceeds the balance of deposit amount after adjusting rent for last 2 months. Also, he has caused damaged to the flat.
My query is that what action I can take in case of non payment of rent/dues and his leaving the flat without properly handing over the flat. I would like to request for earlier reply as the tenant may leave the house without information. Thanks in advance.

Wasim Raja   22 May 2020 at 11:52

Regarding reliever charges

As per compliance, we need to give weekly off to deployed manpower ( security personnel’s). On week off day, if you’re asking for additional security guard to be deployed at the locations, which can not be left unattended then you need to pay reliever charges.
Question is we will pay 26 days for permanent guard as per minimum wages and 4 or 5 days i.e. sunday pay to the reliever.
30 days payment to the Guards + Reliever Charges
Sir, Please Clarify the query.


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