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umesh HALKAR   25 July 2017 at 23:42


1. Wages which is to be paid to workers by contractor is included CGST.or Not
2.The overhead charges and Profit of contractor is to be paid by Employer should be calculated with GST or not.
3.During consideration of work contracts or payment to contractor whether GST to be included for Wages of Mandays and Overhead and Profit of contractor exclusively.. or Overall onetime GST to be calculated for Material supplied and manpower by Contractor.

umesh HALKAR   25 July 2017 at 23:29

Original suit settelement

1. I filed the OS case against seller for recovery of advance paid and penalty amount as per Agreement regarding Purchase of house due to unsuccessful of sale deed.
2.Now Seller is agreed to settle the amount of only advance paid by me after 2 years and after cross exam of mine.

3.Is it compulsory to agree to attend the Settlement Adalat or continue to hearing at Court Judgement since the seller doesn't agree for Penalty .amount which is double the advance paid amount paid by me.
4 I can disagree for settlement adalat

rajashekhar   25 July 2017 at 22:35

Calling sub register as witness

Dear this case of pliantiff presented will deed of her father to court.there are 4 attestors to will deed. None were presented as witness in trial court. Plantiff says her father kept will deed in the custody of her fathers friend .he has been examined as PW 4 witness .now plaintiff says all 4 attestors are not avilable as witness to court in fact one attestor is known to her .and filed I.A for calling sub register as witness in her favour and same is pliantiff filed civil revision petition in high court requesting direction to lower court to set aside order in I.A of lower court.sent notices to respondents who are plaintiffs own brothers through second wife of plintiffs father.can pettion be challenged in high court by respondents

Nishad Rasheed   25 July 2017 at 20:13

About demand draft

Respected all
In 2016 October i had applied for my MBA degree certificate in Mysore University with all the papers including a dd of amount 8000 and i speed posted it through India Post. (have the acknowledge slip) . Inspite of the delay in receiving my certificate i callled thr concerned person in University to know my status.. Almost taking 9 months they are telling they haven't received my application along with dd..
Being 9 months i understood my dd would be cancelled after 3 months.. I have its Xerox copy.. Can i contact my bank in refunding the amount with the DD copy?
Hoping for the best advice from all the legends.. Thanks in advance

rachana kumbla   25 July 2017 at 19:50

Pocket terrace for our flat

V hv covered pocket terrace in our flat on 1st floor as it was suggested to us by builder at time of purchase of flat.BMC has also regularised it and I m highest property tax payer in 150 flats in our society.Now after 5 yrs committee is saying it's society property and are charging us penalty under section 168 a rs.3000 pm.pls advice wt to do.

Kavindra   25 July 2017 at 19:45

consolidation of holdings in UP

What does the term Maliyat refer to the process of Chakbandi? A chak has been allotted to me after deducting a considerable area of my erstwhile farm land and the Consolidation officers say the large reduction in acreage is because of the 60 & 80 paise Maliyat deducted from of our farms. Please help.

Kavindra   25 July 2017 at 19:40

Criminal trespass into joint property

My brother has built his house and garden on the entire land that we own jointly. Thus he is illegally occupying my 1/2 share of land. I have filed a 447 FIR against him but what else I do to dispossess him? Does the DM/SDM of my district have the power to demolish the constriction on my complaint? Please guide.

Anonymous   25 July 2017 at 19:22


Can a Private Limited Company Pay Rent to the Landlord in Cash the Monthly rent is below Rs. 500/- per month.

KISHORE KUMAR JOSHI   25 July 2017 at 19:19


Can a Private Limited Company Pay Rent to the Landlord in Cash the Monthly rent is below Rs. 500/- per month.

Mohit Pal   25 July 2017 at 18:49

My GF get married in age of 17yr. Forcefully by her family.

now she want to marry me so can she marry to me without divorce.
that marriage happen in dargah,


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