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K PALANIVEL   29 October 2021 at 17:10

Central govt standing counsel opinion

Against the Sub-Court's judgement in Tamilnadu in a Land Acquisition Case, The Central Govt Standing Counsel has opined to a Government Department that it is not a fit case for appeal.

Whether can we overlook the opinion given by Central Govt Standing Counsel.

Kindly clarify.

Pravin Kumar   29 October 2021 at 06:21

Grandmother property

Grandmother purchased a property of 2acres in 1956 in Tamilnadu
She sold one acre in 1963.
She was a widow .Due to explainable threatens from the co-share holders she didn't use the remaining land.
After resurvey in 1970,the Joint Patta still holds the name of my grandmother.
I made patta mutation from my grandmother name to my mother name.
The Title document is in my Grandmother name.
The nearby share holders(2 families) destroyed the boundaries and enjoying the land .
They dont have any tax paid certificates or proof of title for my grandmother property.

I planning for sub division of the property.

My query is:
1. whether the remaining land owners in the same survey land can claim adverse possession?
2.Can i file for partition suit?

Xabat   28 October 2021 at 17:24

Error in e-stamp consideration amount

The parties involved in this Conveyance deed is DDA and my mother. My parents had an e-stamp made in Nov 2015, for Art 23/Conveyance, for our DDA property. There is a typo in the Consideration price, where instead of 31 Lakhs a zero was added -> 3.1 Cr. Everything else in the E-Stamp is accurate. The stamp duty paid was 1.24 Lakhs. Will we have to create an e-stamp again with the same amount? sad No one noticed this error until just recently when we went to the DDA office for the conversion of the flat from leasehold to freehold. Now the officer there said that he'll let me know in a week if anything can be done about this. Is it possible to rectify this error? If yes, how to approach it. I have tried to google on how to rectify this, and everything pointed towards a rectification deed, but im not entirely sure. Kindly help guide me in the right direction if rectification is at all possible, considering the stamp was executed 6 years ago. Thanks in advance.

Adv.Shine Thomas   28 October 2021 at 01:45

Mullapperiyar dam issue and protection of human life

Mullapperiyar Dam issue is not a mere water dispute between two States, but it is a threat against the right to live of millions of people living in Kerala. Under which provision of law protect the right of the 3.5million people living in the downstream of the dam?
A report by United Nations University, the academic and rese ..

Read more at:

Rachna Jain   27 October 2021 at 17:33

Maid servant

I am 43 years old woman having two daughter age 13 years & 20 years staying with my father’s elder brother “Tauji” (age approx.. 83 years) for last one year due to his old age and health issues.
My problem is that around 17 years back my Tauji given a room to his female widow servant having one daughter due to mercy and take care / support of her like his own daughter because he had living alone (unmarried).
He also arrange her remarriage but she get dump it ran away and back to Tauji place. She started relationship with some other married man. In starting this man comes only at night so that no one see and object but after sometime this man start living with them. She told everyone that he is her brother which is not true.
Now the main problem started in 2018 when she stop to doing household chores for Tauji and also refuse to vacant the Room. She also fight on trivial issues but he remain calm because he doesn’t want unnecessary breach of peace.
After I start staying with my Tauji on July 2020, her unnecessary fight increase because I restricted her using Tauji household things (he has no source of income, he is only getting old age government pension where as she & her man who is staying with her both are earning and she is also getting widow / unemployment allowance from government.
She also burned me by throwing hot boiling water on my foot on Aug .2020 & threat to kill me and my daughters. Scratch mark is still. We have not filed any FIR against her.
She also physical & mentally abuse all of us & threatening to kill, false allegation.
She has given in writing in police station that she will vacant the room when she got her electricity meter in her new house, which has many hindrance.
Please help where we can go to live peacefully.
This house is old rented property in old delhi & we donot have any rent receipt / agreement

rajesh singh   27 October 2021 at 14:34

30 years long lease stamp duty

i want to take 30 lease land on rent basis. first year rent is 1 lakh per acre and every 3 years there is 5% growth upto 30 years... what will be stamp duty and rent ?

Anonymous   27 October 2021 at 11:19

Missing possession letter and allotment letter

We want to purchase one flat and the seller is a company who is owing 9 flat in one building... They have all the documents but possession letter and allotment letter is missing... They told us they have approached builder but they are not providing any duplicate regarding this... They have done FIR earlier for missing of these letters...Company's legal team is saying that they have possession of this property flat from 2007. We can also go for any newspaper advertisement for the said flat...Actually I need to know being a layman that should I go for this kind of property..

PavanKumar Hittalmani   27 October 2021 at 11:15

Fnf settlement not paid

Dear Sir,

I was working for an IT company headquartered in Chennai, my job location was Bangalore, I was forced to resign saying as a non-performer, I submitted my resignation on Sept 22, 2021, and it was accepted on 11th Oct. I haven't been paid salary for the month of August and September.
I have already handed over the company assets, HR told me that the salary,FNF is done on 11th oct 2021, which I didn't receive after that they are not taking my calls or replying back to my messages or mail.

I sent a legal notice to them on 21st Oct 2021, now the management says to withdraw the legal notice then we will pay in 3-5 days' time.
Please suggest what should I do now.

Pavan Kumar

RangaRajan J   27 October 2021 at 08:29

Documentary evidence mentioned in fir

Dear Respected Experts,

Brief of Case:
Wife filed a case u/s 498A & 4 of DP Act. The FIR was registered through court direction (u/s 156(3)). During cross-examination of SHO (station house officer, IO) my advocate asked if a document mentioned in FIR is marked in court. SHO told that it is marked. Immediately my advocate asked the Judge whether it is marked or not. The judge replied that it is NOT MARKED. Actually, the FIR was registered in JM court of Chennai and transferred to JM court of Bangalore due to Jurisdiction.

My Question:
1) Is it possible for the Judge to get the document mentioned in the FIR, from JM court of Chennai, to JM Court of Bangalore?

2) Would the Judge take the initiative to bring the document in his/her own interest.

3) Is there anything in Law mentioned as a MANDATORY procedure for the judge to demand any documents from other courts?

Thanks in Advance

Sidhant adiyari   26 October 2021 at 17:01


Notarized Noc from sister is valid and what should be stamp paper value.
Will is in my favour made by mother and registered.does probate required after death of testator


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