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Ravi Kumar 1974   31 March 2008 at 09:15

Property Transfer issue

One of my far relative's father had a house alloted by KHB. He has two children-1 son(person I am referring to) and 1 daughter. But,what the father has done was,on a stamp paper(was not registered - dana patra)even before getting it registered he declared the KHB house to my relative and another 30*40 site to his daughter.The father died in an accident.
But now the issue is,the property is still not registered and the daughter has passed an objection for the registration in my relative's name. Does my relative has to give the portion of the property to his sister for getting it registered?

Karthikeyan   28 March 2008 at 21:49

Civil Procedure

A deed is bought to me wherein there are signs of contracting parties. Suppose if I don't know who the contracting parties are. But despite that I sign. Later one of the contracting parties claim that he has not signed. The court calls me . In case I plead that I have signed in Ignorance, what are the consequences to me as a witness? Will I be liable for Criminal proceedings? Will I be liable for payment of any compensation?

ganesan   28 March 2008 at 20:50

divorce inhindu law

is sexual torture alleged by husband a ground for getting divorce from his wife ? is there any reported cases?

davinder   28 March 2008 at 17:43

domestic violence act

can a female be respondent under domestic v. act.

VINOD JINDAL   28 March 2008 at 17:38

about property

sir we have an anscestral property in the name of my grand father and he dies about 20 years before. Know my father want to give that property to me and does not want to share it with my elder brother. Pls suggest the right procedure in this regards so that i will not be in trouble for any reason in this regard and i enjoy the property without any problems from my elder brother. pls suggest

Built Trust   28 March 2008 at 17:32

Registration of Rent Agreement

Is Registration of rent agreement for 11 months must?
Whether a rent agreement of 11 months on Rs.50 stamp Paper is Valid?

padma bhusan lama   28 March 2008 at 14:42

to stop aor pollution in a purely residental area

My house holding 285/505 under ward no.3 of Siliguri municipal corporation, west bengal.Besides my house is a steel furniture manufacturing micro unit, which pollutes the air in the form of arc/gas weilding fumes and spray paint/thinner fumes..we have been complaining to the west bengal pollution control board regional office siliguri since 2001..but. the problem hasn't stopped...
Now that I have a 2 months old daughter. the thought of her healths safety has brought immense tention to my family. I have also written a complaint regarding this to the West bengal pollution control board.
Please help and direct me to stop the pollution immediately and can I lodge a court case for compensation for the same.The unit operates with a trade lisence but, did not get our NOC for starting the unit...

Tarun   28 March 2008 at 14:22

leave rules for HO in manaegment cader

I have resigned from proprietorship FMCG Company mfg. cosmetics/ayurvedic product as vice president sales based at head office in Delhi & factory elsewhere after working there in group for last 14 years.Now they refuse to encash leave on ground that Leave Encashment has to be done only when a person retires on reaching the age of superannuation. Now I would be governed by which Act as per law for leave rules. They were giving 30 days EL prior to Feb 2007 in 1st Co.of group & after that 15 days in 2nd group Co.after my joining in that Co in Feb 2007. I have in total more than 125 EL to my credit in the last salary slip. They have encashed EL prior to my resignation to employes with full leave encashment as was in there A/c in the same Management cadre.

TK Suneja

Piyush Jain   28 March 2008 at 14:06

Resignation & related issues


My wife was working for a local company here in Bangalore, since last 2 yrs. In the first week of March, she had a strong verbal argument with her senior & top most management. She wanted a temporary reduction in her work hours as she was sick and wanted some load sharing. On this, the management shouted on her & accused her of being irresponsible, not replying to emails and of using company resources for her technical up-gradation. They did not even discussed her main issue. She is very sincere & hard working and was very hurt on these accusations and left the company premises.

I then asked her not to go back and look for another job. However, our mistake was that we did not send a resignation email that time itself.

Three days later, her manager mailed her stating that she is on unauthorized absence and her behavior is again irresponsible. To this, we replied that she is not wiling to join and is resigning. We also clarified on the accusations. This mail was cc'd to HR & Director.

To this, her manager replied that she cannot resign as she is under an agreement. This agreement was signed by her in Apr'07 & commits her to work till Apr'09 with her BE degree as surety and there are no monetary conditions in it.

Also, as per the offer letter, either she has to serve a month notice or payout a month notice pay. We have decided not to claim for the certificates and as her Feb' salary was still not credited, we asked the company to keep that as the notice pay. There had been no reply or response from the management to this email. We have mailed them again & again, but they haven't replied.

Its been three weeks now and they have not credited the Feb salary, so we are assuming that they are keeping it as notice pay.

Now, the top-most management have informed us "unofficially" through one of her colleague that they will follow legal course as she is bound by the agreement, or else we should pay them the money, the company spent on her training and her usage of company resources. They have quoted an exorbitant amount. There is no written agreement of any sort which states that if she leaves, she has to pay for these trainings.

My queries are:

1. The company is not acknowledging or accepting a hard copy of the resignation, So the only resignation proof we have is the email exchange we had with her management. Even in those emails, they have not accepted her resignation. So as per the Indian law, is there a time frame after which it is assumed that her resignation has been accepted?

2. What are the probable legal actions the company can take against her?

3. Is she is still bound by that agreement, even if we are not claiming for the certificates?

4. Are there any financial dues from her side? Can we give a declaration to future employers that she has no financial obligations to this company?

5. The company is not giving her relieving & experience letter (as they are asking for money). Will it matter legally, even if the future employers take her without these documents?

6. How will this affect her TDS, as she did not get paid for Mar'08 & there is no salary credit for Feb'08 also?

Also, if you know of any good company lawyer in bangalore, please provide the contact details.


RAVIKUMAR M PILLAY   28 March 2008 at 12:42


Dear friends ,

I have a friend in the UK and he wants to send me money for starting CIVIL construction project here in India .... Can anyone pls guide me as to what should be legal procedure including the RBI permission and the modus of doing this transaction . The money will not have to be remitted abroad and the repayment will be in indian Rs. only in India .

Can anyone pls guide me ..... my email is


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