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sunny bagla   07 July 2009 at 17:58

law of evidence

if the agreement was registered by forgery with the registrar and the case was filed for this. the court(judge) didn;t allowed the registrar to verify his signature and seal nor the court allow to take the expert opinion. my ques. is who is the best person who can give the evidence on behalf of the registrar...

kaushikphm   07 July 2009 at 17:50

Parent Documents

Dear Sir,

My sister and myself intend to partition a property. My sister wants me to handover all the parent documents pertaining to the property and Myself having certified copies of all the document.
Kindly advice me whether I can give all original document and retaining the certified copies.

sandeep chavan   07 July 2009 at 17:30

Maternity Benefit

Our factory is covered under ESIC Act.
Female worker will get the maternity benefit under ESIC. Then also we have to pay the maternity benefit to the female worker even though covered under ESIC?

Raghav Singh   07 July 2009 at 17:27

Reservation.{article 15(3) Vs. Article 15(4)}

This is very interesting case that is currently being argued before the DB comprising of the CJ of MP high court.(
The dipute is regarding the reservation of one orthodonitics seat in MGM medical college indore. There are in total 5 seats, out of which 2 are reserved for the candidates selected through national admission test, and 3 are reserved for the state.
Now out of 3 seats, 2 are reserved for the Sc/St and the OBC's and there is only 1 seat left which is being reserved for the female candidate(4th rank merit list) at the cost of the student who scored maximum marks in the entrance test.
The college authorities are of the view that they are following the rotation policy whereby the seat would again be an open seat for the next two years. it is important to recognise the interest of the women as per article 15(3) of the constitution.
but what about article 15(4) which specifically lays down that merit should be given preference. and further would it not amount to 100% reservation?

satyadevi   07 July 2009 at 17:12

genral power of attorney

can a GPA be revoked? is there any time limit for the GPA to be valid?

sridevi   07 July 2009 at 16:52

Settlement Deed

Property situated at Chennai. Though it was a self earned property of my father, he bought it in the name of my elder brother. Later on my father wished the property to be settled among his four sons. Accordingly arrangemnet were made. After retaining his share my brother settled 2/4 share of the property in the name of my father, later my father settled 2/4 share equally to me and my brother. It was a registered irrevocable, absolute settlement deed and NO life interest was reserved for my father . I have effected the name transfer in the revenue records such as tneb, property tax to my name. Due to family problems, after a lapse of 2.5 years, my father registered a cancellation of settlement deed for a simple reason that "due to unavoidable reasons" he cancels the settlement deed executed in my favour. Now i am presently resident at singapore and he is possession of the proeryt.
Now my question before you is?
I udnerstand the settlement can only be revoked through court of law? since my father has not done that... what is the validity of the same.
wat should i do now to stop any further alienation by my father.
Kindly advice me, if there is any alternate remedy without approaching the Court by myself since i have spend a huge moeny as court fees?

Harinarayan R. Tripathi   07 July 2009 at 14:49

Validity of Will

Dear Sir,

I shall be grateful for your satisfactory answer-

Q. Whether will can be challenged, if yes, then in what circumstances it can be challenged and what are its importances?

H.R. Sampath Kumar   07 July 2009 at 13:40

Share of a married dauthter in ancestral property

Is a daughter married in 1985 in karnataka entitled for sale proceeds of her ancestral property?

M.S.Chandra Shekar   07 July 2009 at 11:41

Problem with Advocate/Advocate Extorting Money

My advocate is collecting huge amounts on account of Court Fee, the subject of which is out of my knowledge and says that since my case is complicated one he needs to bribe some one to get the case on the bench. The bribe amount as per him runs into half a lakh rupees.

My case is simple one and is to obtain certified copies of certain information from District Registrar under Specific Releif Act.

On some account or other he says he needs money.

How do I obtain No objection Certificate and my case related papers from him as I do not want to continue with his service.

This may sound offending, but it is true, what is the solution for this?

SUBHASH SHARMA   07 July 2009 at 11:02

service tax on foreign commission