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MK   04 September 2009 at 01:40

Deed of Divorce


Can you please explain me the procedure of filing of Divorce via mutual consent and what is a Deed of Divorce & Decree of divorce. When does it hold importance and is it a legitimate document?

What is divorce petition? Can the deed of divorce hold importance without filing of petition and can the divorce be granted within less than a period of 6 months?

Please advise.

Sumir   04 September 2009 at 01:34

Noise pollution

Can I get list of all provisions available in the country, criminal, constitutional etc against noise pollution.

Rajinder Bhatia   03 September 2009 at 22:51


What Law says about “Vakalatnama” submitted by a Advocate in scenario like this?

(A) Advocate ‘A’ submits his vakalatnama and after sometime he is no more seen (he does not appear) in the case but the vakalatnama is still in court records there is no NOC (no objection certificate) in record and or party who engaged A has not even filled any relieving papers in court that Advocate ‘A’ services are no more enggaged by her ???

(B) Now Advocate ‘B’ joins the proceedings and he also submits vakalatnama and does the above and same way party engaging B also does above???

(C) Comes into picture Advocate ‘C’ and same above things happen.

(D) Now comes into picture Advocate ‘D’ and same things like above happens???

Now what I specifically wants to know is

(a) Are all 3 advocates whose vakalatnama is still in court records are still termed and or called advocates on record for that suit / proceedings?

(b) In a Destitution / Penury case can I draw adverse inference of the Court by stating she has 3 advocates on record plus the current one as Advocate D / 4th. ?

(c) What does Advocate Act and or Law talks about previous Advocates?

(d) Was it mandatory to withdraw Vakalatnama of by previous 3 advocates? Or was it necessary that the party who has enggaged the 3 advocates should have submitted NOC or relieving letter in court?

(e) How does Law see all these in clear picture in terms of adverse inference if any or is it acceptable?

Please advise?

Arvind Singh Chauhan   03 September 2009 at 21:23


please suggest some citation regarding the release of vehicle by court which was seized under Section 207 M.V Act. My client is ostensible owner who purchased the vehicle only on stamp paper but not transferred in his name yet. The driver has confessed and case has been disposed. Court has denied to release the vehicle because he is not registered owner. vehicle can not be transferred unless it is released.

paramjeetsingh   03 September 2009 at 20:46

opening of new business

i m paramjeet singh working as chef with a restaurant. i want to start my own mobile food van.i want to do the query about licenses for that.

subramaniam   03 September 2009 at 20:17


If a student got master degree through open university with out any basic qualifiction and there after complete Law degree from regonised law college, he is eligible for enrollment as a advocate is possible or not ?

sachin arora   03 September 2009 at 20:13

purchase of land

We purchased a land two years back.The plot was too big and the owner sold it in four parts. when we went to purchase the land, the first part was sold. the owner told us that the first part had a length of 24.9 foot.We took the second part os the plot with the front of 42 foot. Subsequently all the parts were sold by the owner and the registration was done for all of them on one day as the land actually belonged to a person of punjab and this owner had given only the token to them.
Immediately after the registration, we made the boundary of the land with correct measurements. After two years, now when we planned for making our house, the third party told us that their front was 32 foot in the registration paper but it was actually coming 30 foot in measurement. They checked our registry and then measured our plot which was coming right. Then they measured their adjacent plot i.e. fourth part which actually belonged to the owner who had sold the plot to all of us.He was making his own house and he had captured one foot of the third party. On the other hand , the third party also measured the first part which was coming 24.9 and the measurement in the registry was 23.9.It was due to the carelessness of the owner that one foot extra went to the first party. We were at no mistake, still the third party is trying to claim one foot land from us. Kindly tell that what are the legal actions that the third party can take on us though we are not responsible for whatever has been done??

AJIT KAWATKAR   03 September 2009 at 20:09

mofa rules 2009

kindly anybody give me maharashtra ownership flat [amendmend]rules 2009.Thank you.

Ashvin Khambhata   03 September 2009 at 20:01


My friend is running one enginreenig industries having employed 110 employees .Out of said srentgh,14 are holding managinarl position.My friend want to close down this unit due to financial lose but he has started one small unit in Maharasrta & he willmanufacture one item of present unit. whather is it obligation to club this two units under i.d.act.Is in necessary to obtain prior permission from appropiate Government? pl give some judgments

Ranganath   03 September 2009 at 19:37

Police statments as evidence

Ld Counsels,

The ban imposed on using police statements as evidence is confined to the particular criminal trail and does not restrict its applicablity as evidence in other civil or criminal proceedings.

This is the law laid down by SC in its judgement in "Khatri and others etc. v. State of Bihar and others "Can any one give me the full judgment of this case.

(2)The ban imposed by Section 162 against the user of a statement recorded
by Police during investigation is a limited one, and is confined to an inquiry
or trial in respect of an offence then under investigation. Such a statement can
be used in collateral proceedings, e.g. in civil or writ proceedings subject to

Also pls clarify if the polcie statement can be used to initiate process u/s 340 CrPc for perjury.