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Pradyot   06 May 2018 at 15:59

Writ/contept of the court

Writ petition no. 2851 of 2015was filed in Bombay High court against Mr Kishor Chheda & Happy Valley Real EstatePpvt Ltd for bogus tenancies and benami properties created at the time of redevelopement of our building.
For want of FIR from Mumbai police Hc dispose of the writ as follows
“The High Court after hearing passed the following order dated 11/08/2015
“The petitioner in person seeks leave to withdraw the petition with liberty to file a Report under Section 154 of the Cr P.C. to the concerned Police Station.Leave with liberty as prayed for is granted”
Based on above order i have lodged complaint in Matunga police station& ACB under S-154 Cr P Cto file FIR against Director Mr Kishor Chheda & Happy Valley Real Estate pvt Ltd,MCGM,MHADA .
Matunga police & ACB is not taking any action so far inspite of my reminders
What is the remedy left?
Can i approach BHC for its direction to Matunga Police &ACB
Can i approach& complaint to the same Court who has passed the order.
Based on the wording of the order can i file contempt of the court petition in BHC

Anonymous   06 May 2018 at 15:39

Fraud in property

The Supreme Court, after giving due weight to the objection of the widow, imposed a condition while granting bail to the accused directing him to incorporate an averment in the affidavit that he should not cause anything by which the widow or her children or her kith and kin will have any room for such fear. Though the Supreme Court has not considered specifically the right of adefacto complainant or the aggrieved in raising objection in a bail application, there is a clear indication that the Supreme Court heard the grievances of the widow, in a bail application.

Anonymous   06 May 2018 at 13:56

Will- can a conditional will be made with a beneficiary

A childless couple want to write a will to make the wife's brother,' theBeneficiary' of all their movable and immovable property. The brother has consented to look after them in their old age until their demise. they have kept sufficient monetary proceeds needed for their medical /nurse expenses if required for the future. The brother need not spend any money on them ,they say. The couple as they have no issues and are not close to their relatives who according to them are undeserving have nominated the wife's brother for their future moral, and physical support. the brother too has consented to look after them. The couple has informed the brother of their intention to will him everything and for that they want him to look after them. They do not want to appoint an Executor.Is this right? they want know after registering the WILL where else can they place it in safe custody. How will the Beneficiary be informed of the WILL on their death. Can they make a conditional WILL ,inform the Beneficiary of their intention and give him a copy of the WILL too as it is the brother promises and consents to take care till their end with respect and love and provide all healthcare whenever needed and for this they will write a Will in his name.the Will will take effect only after the demise of both Please Help

Read more at:

Anonymous   06 May 2018 at 13:09

Mentally , physically harassment by husband and demand

Dear Sir,
My Sister got married in april 2017 . her husband was working in company as Hr Mgr. at Greater noida , basically he is from Aligarh (U.P) and his mother , father and brother is at aligarh , he promised us that he has taken a flat in ghaziabad , he also show us his flat , three other person are also witness of this, we got convinced and fixed the wedding by taking promise from him that My sister will not live in Village . He demand us for Car and Jwellery etc.we fulfil his every wish that he demanded to us .

after marriage one and two month was fine . but as the time spent he and his family started torture my sister . many time he slapped her . and give her threaten that he will not move to ghaziabad. she bear this . but when we force him he taken a room on rent in ghaziabad . and living there with his brother and my sister. Whenever we asked him about his flat he said that there is some work are pending in flat and will complete in one or two month. but after that we come to know that he has not taken any flat and he fraud with us.

last week he said to my sister that they will reside in village for permanent. on this when my sister denied him then he beaten her . and sister called us and we reached there with the other relative and also tell the society people that whats going on here, after that we bring her in our house . sister's husband told us that his father will discuss on it. after many efforts from our side we decide to called a meeting with both side relative.

Here I want to ask you that if this Meeting failed then what type of legal action we should take . is this matter come under 498A .if the police does not listen us then what we should do.

Please guide Me...

govindchandana   06 May 2018 at 12:14


respected sirs, I have one question regarding relationship problem. but that problem was solved. and they were realised that not to marry with like that realtives.

sorry for asking question in telugu. because I don't know ask this question properly in English. Question: oka person vaalla amma yokka sister pillalu, aaa person ki sister or brother authaarani ekkada raasi undi.. i mean ekkadaina alaa raasi unda edaina government accepted book lo.
please..don't get angry on my question. I kindly waiting for your answer. u can reply in English or Telugu or both Thanking you all

Anonymous   06 May 2018 at 11:59

enquiry about age calculation

Sir, I was born on 17-9-96.what's my age Now?whether 21 is running OR completed?

Anonymous   06 May 2018 at 11:57

enquiry about age calculation

Sir I was born on 17-9-96 ...whats my age Now? Whether 21 is running OR 21 completed?

mani   06 May 2018 at 11:18

Someone placed an injection against our property

1970s we had a business land, which we sold a person,

Later he has sold it third person and then to forth person.

In 1998 we bought the same property from that 4th person.

Now in 2018, we received a court notice, stating they have some document showing our property under mortgage in 1977...

Could Someone please

What is the best way to solve the issue as quick as possible.

Anonymous   06 May 2018 at 09:14

Matter unauthorized construction

My father had purchased a piece of land which unfortunately falls in vicinity to railway boundary when my father started construction on ground ,senior engineer raised an objection mentioning that he was encroaching on railway premises by serving a notice .Thereafter , sued a petition in railway court for legal action .After thirteen years of legal hearing ,suddenly decision was given by the court inspite of producing all legal documents favouring us .presently ,the case in civil court for further course of action .In this matter, I would like to know the experts views so as to redress the adventing menace . Thanking you .


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