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13 October 2012

Husband is in India and Wife is in abroad country. On telephonic communication, There were disputes between husband and wife for small reasons. During dispute husband told angrily to take divorce and sending some SMS in anger. But, his statements during quarrel were only because of his anger, not seriously. Wife has filed divorce on the ground of Cruelty, Section 13(1)(ia). She has stated in petition that her husband is not interested to live with her and asking for divorce. But, in real, Husband wishes to live good family life with his wife and does not want to take divorce. Wife has put following SMS details sending by her husband. Out of all SMS details, I put here some SMS. I want to know that Court can grant divorce on the evidence of this type SMS done by husband?
sms# now its enough. U have proved ur identity. U can become a good friend but U never become a good wife. It is proved.
sms# U don’t call me ever. Start the procedure and take ur things.
sms# U never understand real meaning of love. Bec u r money minded and very selfish person. But it was my fault that I could not understand u earlier.

ajay sethi (Expert)
13 October 2012

husband can always say that the sms were sent in nager that he loves his wife and wants to maintain sanctity of marriage .

these sms merely reflect husband anger at wife behaviour doeas not amount to mental cruelty

ajay sethi (Expert)
13 October 2012

In Samar Ghosh vs. Jaya Ghosh, (2007) 4 SCC 511, a three-Judge Bench of this Court while considering Section 13(1)(i-a) of the Act laid down certain guidelines. The analysis and ultimate conclusion are relevant which reads as under:-

"98. On proper analysis and scrutiny of the judgments of this Court and other courts, we have come to the definite conclusion that there cannot be any comprehensive definition of the concept of "mental cruelty" within which all kinds of cases of mental cruelty can be covered. No court in our considered view should even attempt to give a comprehensive definition of mental cruelty. Human mind is extremely complex and human behaviour is equally complicated. Similarly human ingenuity has no bound, therefore, to assimilate the entire human behaviour in one definition is almost impossible. What is cruelty in one case may not amount to cruelty in other case. The concept of cruelty differs from person to person depending upon his upbringing, level of sensitivity, educational, family and cultural background, financial position, social status, customs, traditions, religious beliefs, human values and their value system. Apart from this, the concept of mental cruelty cannot remain static; it is bound to change with the passage of time, impact of modern culture through print and electronic media and value system, etc. etc. What may be mental cruelty now may not remain a mental cruelty after a passage of time or vice versa. There can never be any straitjacket formula or fixed parameters for determining mental cruelty in matrimonial matters. The prudent and appropriate way to adjudicate the case would be to evaluate it on its peculiar facts and circumstances while taking aforementioned factors in consideration No uniform standard can ever be laid down for guidance, yet we deem it appropriate to enumerate some instances of human behaviour which may be relevant in dealing with the cases of "mental cruelty".
(i) On consideration of complete matrimonial life of the parties, acute mental pain, agony and suffering as would not make possible for the parties to live with each other could come within the broad parameters of mental cruelty.

(i) On comprehensive appraisal of the entire matrimonial life of the parties, it becomes abundantly clear that situation is such that the wronged party cannot reasonably be asked to put up with such conduct and continue to live with other party.

(ii) Mere coldness or lack of affection cannot amount to cruelty, frequent rudeness of language, petulance of manner, indifference and neglect may reach such a degree that it makes the married life for the other spouse absolutely intolerable.

(iii) Mental cruelty is a state of mind. The feeling of deep anguish, disappointment, frustration in one spouse caused by the conduct of other for a long time may lead to mental cruelty.

(iv) A sustained course of abusive and humiliating treatment calculated to torture, discommode or render miserable life of the spouse.

(v) Sustained unjustifiable conduct and behaviour of one spouse actually affecting physical and mental health of the other spouse. The treatment complained of and the resultant danger or apprehension must be very grave, substantial and weighty.

(vi) Sustained reprehensible conduct, studied neglect, indifference or total departure from the normal standard of conjugal kindness causing injury to mental health or deriving sadistic pleasure can also amount to mental cruelty.

(vii) The conduct must be much more than jealousy, selfishness, possessiveness, which causes unhappiness and dissatisfaction and emotional upset may not be a ground for grant of divorce on the ground of mental cruelty.

Mere trivial irritations, quarrels, normal wear and tear of the married life which happens in day-to-day life would not be adequate for grant of divorce on the ground of mental cruelty.

(viii)The married life should be reviewed as a whole and a few isolated instances over a period of years will not amount to cruelty. The ill conduct must be persistent for a fairly lengthy period, where the relationship has deteriorated to an extent that because of the acts and behaviour of a spouse, the wronged party finds it extremely difficult to live with the other party any longer, may amount to mental cruelty.

(ix) If a husband submits himself for an operation of sterilisation without medical reasons and without the consent or knowledge of his wife and similarly, if the wife undergoes vasectomy or abortion without medical reason or without the consent or knowledge of her husband, such an act of the spouse may lead to mental cruelty.

(x) Unilateral decision of refusal to have intercourse for considerable period without there being any physical incapacity or valid reason may amount to mental cruelty.

(xi) Unilateral decision of either husband or wife after marriage not to have child from the marriage may amount to cruelty.

(xii) Where there has been a long period of continuous separation, it may fairly be concluded that the matrimonial bond is beyond repair. The marriage becomes a fiction though supported by a legal tie. By refusing to sever that tie, the law in such cases, does not serve the sanctity of marriage; on the contrary, it shows scant regard for the feelings and emotions of the parties. In such like situations, it may lead to mental cruelty."

Adv.R.P.Chugh (Expert)
13 October 2012

This sms in no manner constitutes mental cruelty.

Advocate Suneel Moudgil (Expert)
14 October 2012

These sms are not amounts to mental cruelty, and even court can't accept them alone in divorce case. there should be proper strong ground to satisfy court for taking divorce and theses sms are NOTHING.

prabhakar singh (Expert)
14 October 2012

These SMS can not become sole reason to constitute cruelty to award a decree of divorce.

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