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Guest (Querist)
06 April 2020

This is a very genuine case and i am not promoting my blog. Please take matter seriously as i can give you list of people who are suffering from similar issue in India and they too file a police complaint and PIL.
I am a victim of Mind Control torture and harassment experiment program by Central Intelligence Agency, United Sates (CIA). I can give you the name and contact number of thousand of people who can support my story about Human experiment.
I have wrote to
1. Crime Branch Delhi Police ( Aug 2013, May 2014, April 2016 and 28 May 209) but my complaint was not taken seriously.
2. Human Right April 2014, case no 1955/30/8/2014 but my complaint was not taken seriously.
3. Grievance Status to PMO PMOPG/E/2019/0348102 Registration Date 28 May 2019 No Action
4. Human Right Case Details Case No. 2993/30/8/2019 Registration Date 28 May 2019 No Action
It is popularly known with code name MK-ULTRA which was initially started in 1950s and later the project continued with different names like COINTELPRO, ARTICHOKE etc. Some of the effect of the torture are.
1. They can read and control the victim’s mind and thoughts.
2. They can manipulate victim’s behavior and emotion (Fear, Anger, Joy, hate, sadness etc.).
3. They can speak into the victim’s mind using voice to skull technology now as V2K.
4. Communication between two human minds.
5. Force Speech (Make you speak with anger)
6. Memory Manipulation
7. Induce Sleep
8. Extreme Fatigue
My thoughts are share with my colleges at workplace and to people where I stay. They know everything, what’s happening in my life and what I am thinking about.
You can search on google with word like "Targeted Individuals", "MKULTRA" or "CIA Mind Control Experiment"
Blog http://tiindians.blogspot.com/
YouTube Videos http://bit.ly/2G7TAtM
Facebook facebook.com/indian.ti07

Rajendra K Goyal (Expert)
06 April 2020

Repeated query:

06 April 2020

Dear Sir,
You may send a complaint ( multiples thereof) to Home minsiteries, High Courts and Supreme Court with proof so that they may initiate action.

Raj Kumar Makkad (Expert)
06 April 2020

You should not repeat the query if previous has already been duly attended.

Advocate Suneel Moudgil (Expert)
08 April 2020

repeated query my friend

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