Hindu Disposition of Property Act,1916

Section : Application of this Act to the Khoja community.

5.Application of this Act to the Khoja community.-Where the 1[StateGovernment] is of opinion that the Khoja community in 2*[the State] orany part thereof desire that the provisions of this Act should beextended to such community 3*[it] may by notification in the OfficialGazette, declare that the provisions of this Act, with thesubstitution of the word "Khojas" or "Khoja," as the case may be, forthe word "Hindus" or "Hindu" wherever those words occur, shall applyto that community in such area as may be specified in thenotification, and this Act shall thereupon have effect accordingly.---------------------------------------------------------------------1 Subs. by the A. O. 1937, for "G.G. in C.".2 Subs., ibid., for "British India".3 Subs., ibid., for "he".---------------------------------------------------------------------