Air Corporations (Transfer of Undertakings and Repeal) Act,1994

Act No : 13 of 1994


Contents of Act:


SECTION( 1. ) Short title and commencement. View
SECTION( 2. ) Definitions. View
SECTION( 3. ) Undertakings of corporations to vest in companies. View
SECTION( 4. ) General effect of vesting of undertaking in the companies. View
SECTION( 5. ) Licences, etc., to be deemed to have been granted to companies. View
SECTION( 6. ) Tax exemption or benefit to continue to have effect. View
SECTION( 7. ) Guarantee to be operative. View
SECTION( 8. ) Provisions in respect of officers and other employees of corporations. View
SECTION( 9. ) Power of Central Government to give directions. View
SECTION( 10. ) Power to remove difficulties. View


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