Fair Use Of Copyrighted Work

  SUSHREE SAHU    08 April 2021 at 18:05

Key Takeaways The Doctrine of Fair Use under the US Act and The Doctrine of Fair Dealing under Section 52 of the Indian Copyright Act, 1957 are exceptions to copyright infringement. The Amendment to the Act in the year 2012 has been a stepping stone

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Recently, we have come across many incidences such as the zomato case and vikram tiwari acquittal after 20years, there have been a massive backlash of women and feminists on the social media. Whosoever was at fault in these cases, the gendered right

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IntroductionOn 1st April 2021, the Gujarat state assembly passes the freedom of religion bill of 2021 with majority which seeks to penalize forcible and fraudulent religious conversion by marriage, and it would amend the 2003 act of freedom and relig

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INTRODUCTIONIndian history reveals that prostitution has been an age-old practice in our country. Even before the British Raj, the Maurya period was well known for its State-regulated prostitution. In India, with the impact of western culture, the ou

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KEY TAKEAWAYS An Indian origin Singaporean man was sentenced by a court in Singapore to 14 weeks of imprisonment. The Singaporean man was identified as Devraj Tamil Selvan, a 29-year-old man booked and jailed for intentionally coughing and abusing a

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KEY TAKEAWAYS A petition was filed in Karnataka High Court seeking to direct the State to provide mid-day meals for students of class 6th to 8th standard. The 2 judge bench of Karnataka High Court on 16th March 2021 advised the State to start mid-day

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Key Takeaways Introduction- Child of incarcerated parents Background of the case Why the bail was granted ConclusionIntroductionChildhood is arguably the most vulnerable period in a human's life. They are mostly dependent on others to fulfill the

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The Supreme Court heard about the validity of the high reservation of the Maratha community. Such matter was considered in the 8th consecutive hearing related to matters of reservation of jobs and education. Senior Advocates Shekhar Nap

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The Orissa High Court has recently directed the state DGP to follow a uniform pattern of font size and line spacing in order to ensure better readability. The font size to be followed should be 12 in Times New Roman with a line spacing

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Key Takeaways• Introduction- Caste system and honour killing• What is honour killing?• Honour killing in India• Role of Judiciary on Honour Killing• ConclusionIntroductionWhat is caste? A system of dividing society into class

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KEY TAKEAWAYS Supreme Court of India on Friday has reserved orders in a plea seeking interim directions in order to restrain the Government from deporting those detained in Jammu back to Myanmar. Deporting the Rohingyas will be a clear violation arti

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A Glimpse Of The Indian Contract System, The Specific Relief Act And The Ammendments Made To ItINTRODUCTIONThe Indian Legal System is an amalgamation of dynamism, a futuristic perspective and utmost practicality. The definition of law, though might b

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Key takeaways Introduction-Indian Judiciary Fast Track Courts- meaning and objectives Downfall of FTCs Changes required to improve the condition of FTCs ConclusionIntroductionIndian Judiciary is infamously famous for the huge line of pending cases pi

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“What you lack in any investigation is time. With every passing hour, evidence slips away. Crime scenes are compromised by people and the elements. Things are moved, altered, smeared, shifted. Organisms rot. Wind blows dust and contaminants. Me

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The Apex Court held that deposits made under section 21(5) of MMDR Act not proceeds of crime under Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002. A bench comprising Hon’ble Justices A.M. Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari passed such ord

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KEY TAKEAWAYS The provisions of the Information Technology Act, 2000 were amended to bring into account the need for recognition of admission of electronic and digital evidence as admissible evidence. The provisions of Sec. 2(1) (t) of Information Te

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KEY TAKEAWAYS Corporate law dictates the formation and the activities of corporations. Corporate governance regulates the balancing of interests among a business’s different stakeholders. Shareholders, they are the owners of a business and are

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Land has always been a very controversial and disputed topic in India, in the context of cultural as well as legal point of view. Land is indeed a property which can be brought and sold like any other property, but the rules and regulations are diffe

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Key takeaways Introduction- What is an NRI and Power of Attorney Power of attorney and its essential and kinds NRI and Power of Attorney executed in India Real Estate and Power of Attorney ConclusionIntroductionA Non-Resident Indian or NRI is an Indi

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IntroductionIn legal context, evidence means anything that can be admitted by a court to prove or disprove alleged matters of any facts in a trial. Section 3 of the Indian evidence act, 1872 categorises evidence into two heads - one being the 'or

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