Proposed shifting of Bombay HC

In India we make it extremely difficult and complicated if a simple solution is readily available.  Recently, a newspaper item appeared that the Bombay High Court proposes to shift, not mentioned whether partially or entirely, to Bandra or to Goregaon, and a new building will be constructed with all modern gadgets and facilities.  Surely, the shifting of the High Court or making the High Court equipped with full facilities and gadgets is not only desirable but also absolutely necessary.  But, the question is why it should be shifted to Bandra and/or Goregaon? It is said that there is no existing suitable place in South Mumbai, even though shifting to Bandra and/or Goregaon entirely will cause probably some insurmountable problems.  It is not clear as to whether the entire High Court will be shifted or shifted partially. It is also not made clear how frequently the Judges’ assignments will be changed where they have to commute between South Mumbai, where the original the High Court building is situated, and Bandra and/or Goregaon when there is change in the assignments and Judges.  As everybody is aware that assignments between the Judges change once every two to three months. 

It would also involve huge expenditure for constructing a new building.  The simple solution, even though available, nobody applies his mind.  Recently news came that Air-India is no longer in need of its building at Nariman  Point and it is proposing to dispose it off.   Would it not in that case be desirable that the entire High Court could be shifted to Air India building and it may be modified to suit the requirements of an ideal High Court with most modern facilities and gadgets?  If that solution is not acceptable, there is other solution University building is virtually vacant.  The Annexe building is also not used by the High Court entirely, but given for use by Law Society and Bar Council. Can it not also be used as part of the High Court building for courts for the Judges and other facilities?   Next, to that building, there is a building, which is used the Public Works Department.  Surely, Public Works Department can be shifted to Bandra. It may not require a huge and monstrous multi-storied building. TeleCommunication building is also not used entirely but partially used by NCLT, which also can be used by the Bombay High Court. If, for instance, Air-India building is  purchased or taken on lease by the Central Government, all the Tribunals, both Central and State, including NCLT, and probably the International Arbitration Centre, could be shifted to Air India building.  If City Civil Courts in South Mumbai are also shifted to that Air-India building, the City Civil Court building will also available for the High Court.  Obviously, there is no reason that this cannot be done. What is to be done is only to make a few changes with the installation of modern facilities and gadgets.


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Girish Dave 
on 02 August 2019
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