Marriage Registration in Chandigarh

Registering your marriage has more pros than cons rather than not having it. Seeing the complexity and business of your lives, it may soon become a necessity. A marriage certificate is a formal proof of marriage attested and approved by the government body completely valid in the eyes of the law.

There are tons of posts online guiding you how to get a marriage certificate in Chandigarh, Marriage Registration in Chandigarh, Where is Marriage Registration done in Chandigarh, Obtain a Marriage Certificate in Chandigarh, What all documents are required to register a marriage in Chandigarh, and many more. This post covers answer to all your questions exhaustively. Read below to find the reality yourself.

Marriage Certificate is a legal authorization that two people are married and their marriage is duly recognized in the eyes of law.

Let us see in what circumstances, you may be requiring a valid marriage certificate:

  1. For traveling abroad and visa purposes. Also for getting work permit it is required.
  2. Foreign citizenship and claiming spousal benefits.
  3. For representation in government records as of when needed.
  4. For identity proof in Civil, Criminal, Matrimonial, Property and Miscellaneous suits in Court of law.
  5. For claiming pension, welfare schemes, joint membership, accounts, loans, financial arrangement.

There can be many other ways; a marriage certificate can be useful and we can think of, but yes it has become the need of hour so far as legal complexities are concerned. Marriage certificate gives you the legal right claims what is rightfully yours. More than half of inheritance matters can be solved if marriage certificates are made mandatory, as per the recent law reports curated.

Coming back to Marriage Registration in Chandigarh which is on the verge of becoming the smartest city in India. The city beautiful is known for its administration and marriage registration is quite simple.

As per the latest information available on website of Chandigarh Administration, this is what you are supposed to do with the checklist.

  1. Ensure it is a valid marriage solemnized under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Both have married at the right age 21 for boy and 18 for girl. Applicable only to Hindus.
  2. Either husband or wife should have the resident proof of Chandigarh.
  3. Get the most recent prescribed form from the D.C. Office Sector 17 or download it from here.
  4. Bring the Form, with Age proof, Affidavit, Marriage Photograph, Statement of Parents, and Identification by witnesses.
  5. Once all the modalities are completed, you can easily get the marriage certificate in 30 days from the D.C. office.

Once you get the certificate, you can verify it here by putting in the certificate number here.


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