Legal Maxims-I



Ab imo pictore (L) => from the heart’s bottom


Ab incunabulis (L) => from the cradle


Ab initio (L) => from the beginning


Absente reo (L) => the accused being absent


A capite ad calcen (L) => from head to heal


A dato (L) => from date


Ad extremum (L) => to the last


Ad finem (L) => to the end


Ad hoc (L) => for that special aim


A die (L) => from that day


A hominem (L) => personal


Ad litem (L) => for a suit


Ad literom (L) => to the letter


A’ la lettre (Fr) => to the letter


Ad manum (L) => ready


A’ la main (Fr) => ready


Affaire d’amour (Fr) => a love affair


Aldee (Fr) => a village


Amant (fem. Amante) (Fr) => a lover


Arbitrium (L) => power of decision


Audi alteram partem (L) => hear the other side


Audita querela (L) => the suit having been heard


Biennium (L) => period of two years


Billet d’ amour (Fr) => love letter


Bon avocat mauvais voisin (Fr) => a good lawyer is a bad neighbor


Brune (Fr) => a dark girl or woman


Burchen schaft (Ger) => an association of students





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