I believe in the laws of nature and good karma By Ratnakar Gaikwad

I do not believe in a personal God. I believe in Dhamma, the law of nature and destiny. As Buddha has said, there is a chain of conditioned arising from a relationship between cause and effect.

The national emblem of our country has the Ashoka Chakra. It is a wheel of Dhamma. The wheel of Dhamma also symbolises a reverse cycle — leading to cessation of misery. India’s thoughts are reflected in the Dhamma Chakra.

If there is misery then there will be a reason for that person to be in misery. Buddha says you can come out of misery only if you follow an eight–fold path. Those people who believe in God are also in misery and those who do not believe in God are also in misery.

Buddha says that if you defy the law of nature you will face consequences instantly. I believe in the law of nature and doing good karma. The basis of morality is if one generates ill-will, hatred, animosity against any one, he first harms himself.

To maintain mental peace, I practice Vipassana meditation. If one understands the law of nature, Dhamma, rather than merely believing in a personal God, he or she can certainly come out of misery.


on 25 November 2008
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