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Nitin vishwanath shelar   18 April 2024

Summer vacation salary

I am working in one of the renowed school as a teacher. After completing my probation they have given me confirmation letter. In that it is written after confirmation you can resign by giving three month notice in which summer vacation will not be counted.

I have sent notice of resignation on 10 march 2024 and as per contract my last working day will be 16 august.

But now they are asking me to leave in april only so that they can save summer vacation salary and july salary.

If i am ready to serve my notice period is it legal that they are asking me to leave early??

Even they have not achnowledge my notice of resingnation.


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Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     18 April 2024

On record they are themselves relaxing the conditions. Thye had a right to compel you upto August which they are waiving in your faour.

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     18 April 2024

There's no illegality instructing you to get relieved by waiving the notice period.

As you are not willing to continue, what is the problem to accept the early relieving?

You may see the offer letter conditions for more clarity in this regard 

Nitin vishwanath shelar   18 April 2024

I would have been very happy if they relive me early but then they will not pay my salary of May, June and July.


T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     19 April 2024

If you want salary then you should not have opted for resignation.

Now the management has made it clear that instead they will throw you out.

Nitin vishwanath shelar   19 April 2024

Are you lawyer???

You dont know how to respond.

Read question क्लिअर्ली and if if dont understand ask someone.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     19 April 2024

The exerts here ae giving FREE advise on CHARITABLE basis using their person net connection and electricity.  The experts here are not to coid the advise which suits your taste as you came her for seeking "advise' and not "misadvise"

such like remarks are not appreciated.

if you go toa lwyers's office and pay him for consultation yet you are expected to behave with dignity and courtesy.

Nitin vishwanath shelar   19 April 2024

Its not about what suits me or not its about professional approach and knowledge.

If you think you are professional then how come you use the words like "they throw you out "

Only education or experties is not enough you need to learn how to talk with others.

If you think that its free so you can talk like anything then you are wrong.

Everyone has dignity you should respect it. and if you know how to respect others then dont expect it from others.i dont think all the other members are like you arrogant.

Education does not mean literate.

You proved 

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     19 April 2024

You don't deserve any advice because you are not able to understand what is opined here. 

Even though we are giving advice at free of cost and doing a social service,  we the experts ensure that we give our best opinions based on proper legal perspectives. 

With this mentality neither you will get cooperation from your employer nor anyone will be able help you. 

In fact it is because of your irritative and arrogant attitude that your employer wants to get rid of you at the earliest. 

You neither know law nor will understand law. 

But you will one day realize the consequences of law if you continue this type of behavior everywhere. 

God forsake you don't get into troubles by your such derogatory remarks. 

Nitin vishwanath shelar   19 April 2024बसॅलरी

Read this case in which court asked employer to pay summer vacation salary to teachers those work for nine months.

Social service means you do not have right to abuse any one.

If you dont know how to respond then dont respond.

and dont threat people like this.

First learn to respect others then expect from others.

If you dont have knowledge dont advice any one because many people will loose confidence in indian judiciary.

As a professional my advise to you talk people politely dont use abusive language for them in name of social service.

God bless you.

Get well soon 

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     20 April 2024

If you feel that case quoted by you fits with your caae hen file a case against school.

Nitin vishwanath shelar   20 April 2024

Definitely Sir 


Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     22 April 2024

you have quoted the case Rattan Lal And Others v. State Of Haryana And Others

Court: Supreme Court Of India
Date: Aug 16, 1985
This case does no appear to be fitting in your case as it pertains to ad-hoc appointment each year.  Your case is ofvoluntarily resignation.
Otherwise you are well enlightened, capable to challenge knowledge of experts here.
you can proceed aas per your knowlege and wisdom.

Nitin vishwanath shelar   22 April 2024

Thank you sir for your advice.

As my case is different because i have given notice of three months on 10 march but yet they have not accepted it or acknowlege the same.

In contract letter it is written like,

''During the probation teacher has to give one month notice or one month salary.After notice school has right to releive you immediatly by paying one month salary."

"After confirmation teacher has to give three month notice or three month salary.After notice school has right to releive you immediatly."

I have concern about some points,

1.They have neither acknowledge or accepted my notice even after one and half month.

2.They are not giving anything in writting even though i asked them .

3.If they are asking me after one and half month but it is not immediately as per contarct letter

4.After giving notice i have taken all the classes and also done all duties even on sunday and now students are going for summer vacation they are asking me to leave that too verbally.

5.Summer vacation falls between my three month notice period.


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