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Dear Advise Seeker:

Be advised that second opinions are useful to only people who are fighting their cases on their own i.e. party in person and not those who already have a Advocate engaged, as no two lawyers will agree with each other’s opinion, if you already have a counsel, it’s always better that you put complete trust in him or her rather than crosschecking his or her knowledge of Law by taking second opinion elsewhere.  This is for the basic reason that Law is an ocean, there are many different laws for getting a single relief and so are the many different ways to handle a particular case.  Each Lawyer or Advocate has his or her own way of handling a case.  If anybody is taking advise on the forum from me, they are doing it at their own risk, be reminded that you need to cross check each advise provided by studying Law books..


You may not like my straightforward way of replying or advising, you are at free will to discard such advise and seek advise elsewhere.  My motive here is to make sure that maximum people are benefitted by my advise and that they do not undergo same hardship that I went through for this I dont charge any fees.  


Please dont call or contact me after getting drunk, thats the reason why I avoid phone calls  most of the time as people with matrimonial issues need serious medical attention and I am no helpline for psychos.  So let your expectations be reasonable one's.


Though this is a work of charity, it is only to a certain extent!  


Take care.


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