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transfer of land ownership

Posted by : atul kumaron   18 November 2018
Which is the cheapest way to transfer land ownership. Which costs less, because there is a lot of court fees in execution of sales deed .

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Tax on FD in the name of minor under Mutual settlement

Posted by : The Briteon   18 November 2018

We agreed on an alimony amount under the terms of mutual settlement mediated through a court appointed mediator which includes setting up an FD in the name of our minor child. I am trying to figure in whose hands will the interest earned be taxed. Is there a way the tax can be avoided so the child does not suffer? If not, what can I do to avoid the interest earned being taxed in my (father) hands.


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Transfer of property from husband to wife in chennai

Posted by : sunnyon   18 November 2018

Dear Sir/Mam,


My father has self accured flat in chennai .Due to medical reasons he want to transfer the property to my mother (Wife).Both are senior citizens

What are the best options for transfering the property with lowest cost in chennai.

I heard the below mentioned options for transfering the property

1.Gift deed and settlment deed are same. There is no difference in the cost. Please clarifiy on this 

2.For Transfer of Property dose GOVT will help in providing any  benefits.

3. Any other suggestions are welcome

With Regards



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To aceess a road to home.

Posted by : Nagaraj K H Kundapuron   18 November 2018
Goodmorning sir,

There is a place where around 20 families are living in a village. Each family has 30 cents equal land and they are belonged to S.C. community, they got 30 cents land by the declaration policy of the government. They have been living in that place since 40years, and they dont have road fecility to their home. Though the land had been given to those people by the government, governt or panchayath has not done anything about road access to their home. People who live in that are facing problem in today life.. How can they get road fecilty to their home...Please get me a sollution.

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How to convert to Islam

Posted by : Tharani Chandrasekaron   18 November 2018

I would like to convert from Hindu to Islam. And i need to change my name in Gazette and other id proof kindly assist me how can i proceed legally?

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Consent divorce

Posted by : mohanon   18 November 2018

Put 6 lakhs as a Fixed deposit in the name of your daughter..  on the terms that she cannot liquidate it before the daughter reaches the age of 18 years. 


OR maybe.. Rs. 3 lakhs + 3 lakhs FD - where she can use one for her schooling and the other when required by the daughter.. !! 

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Posted by : prabiron   18 November 2018
After deposition/cross examination of de facto in a criminal case it is found that the statement made by wife in WS of mat suit is false. can it be possible to file an application in the magistrate court where the criminal case was tried, to file a leave application and pray for starting a proceeding for perjury against the wife?

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