adopted vs biological parent

Don't act like henpecked husband .act like lion.

Mr. Gupta  please solve these issues socially, as  these are   domestic issues where your freinds,relatives or even harmonious neighbours can help.

However regrding apoted daughter that shall be as per adoption deed what has been laid down.then and therin, adoption is transfer  from the biological parants to the adopted parants. The grandparents shall take care of adopted daughter. Her interfarance or beheaviour depends upon the moral education she has received from the enviroment and  upbrought. In the presant times where even kids are found depressed due to socail changes the elders can't stay away from mental tensions, try to pick the real ends and reach to source of problems and once you find them,stay with yourself and figure out what could be the solutions .

We can never calim to be real heros and chmapions in our life as there is no laid down common procedure for cherising  a smooth life  ,being humans we are the best creation means lot of emotions, desiers, wishes, and the ways how we reach them ,  in this helm of affairs come pop out issues giving birth to agencies we rely and truct .We have moral duties and obligations tto maintain a healthy society, and society begins from family...

Lawyers are socail doctors apart from being fighters for the rights  ,now depends upon how you take that.

I am not lecturing but sharing my little feel for what i observed from society and worried too as we are turning more into  machines than humans .Our tolerance level and degree of patience is falling at dangerious pace that is in fact the sad event.

Problems have always soultions provided you really sort out the pitch and source of it.


I have tried discussing with her, her parents but has not helped. I even tried that we go to counslers but she is scared that counslers will only support me and she doesn't want my kids, parents, family, friends to meet me. being in that spree she constantly ignore and abuse me, and feel insecure as I am living alone and that I might go to my ex or some y. so she will stop me to talk or meet any person. that makes her extremely possessive.

Show her to a specialist doctor who has the expertise in treating people with harmonal inbalance.

looks like I am on wrong group, people have more time for non legal advice. this is no politics. if I am coming back to some forum to check legal opinion that means I have tried and not worked. guys I am not alone struggling such jokes as you are saying. this is what whole Western world is facing all along and some section of India society. who tries to be advanced. I don't blame you as I was of similar opinion few years back when I had a great married life and such situation was alien to me. Now I need to see how I can alter it to live in this situation.
what you guys call as compromise is not always correct. seen many families who abuse their spouse but they are together. I respect the thought that one should decide if it's too much for you to handle. yes sometime we are not thinking long enough to decide what is too much. many men or women treat their spouse as dustbin or ATM or s*x doll and other one just keep compromising/suffocating/comit suicide that is a happy married life?
Regarding children I agree that do suffer. but they suffer even more if relation is abusive and their welfare is ignored. we believe in the world that everyone is sound minded. but it's not. many time people's past impact a lot in their dealing with world.
but that doesn't mean things cannot be corrected.

get the f**k out of this discussion... you are a jobless lady. I don't think I need your advice. I know what I am doing and I don't damn care of your uncultured person who have done nothing in their life and talk just like god. as I told u your mantality is what the mantality of now Whatsapp Twitter generation. this is all you guys have done in life. pls stop giving you filthy advice.

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