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My parents gave my date of birth in school obtaining 'affidavit from Notary public'  to suit the school admission while my date of birth is a different one. I have finished my college and want to go abroad. While applying ofr PASSPORT they insist on original computerised date of birth certificate.from municipality. If I produce the original birth certificate there will be a clash between my school records and PASSPORT .

Kindly advice What is the way out ? Is it possible to get the revised birthe certificate from Municipality/ Or Is it possible to get the school records changed as per the real birth certificate. Kindly help me to solve this problem as I am running out of time to apply foriegn universities. Whatever possible method Kindly advice the procedure also .

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File the Criminal Mis.Petition to Magistrate court for birth registration  with your school records , get the order from magistrate court than move the municipality . NEW DATE OF BIRTH CERTIFICATE ISSUED as per your school certificate (D.O.B). contact your nearest lawyer .



You can follow the above suggestion and at the same time You can also ask  in the passport office and they can direct you.


is it very necessary to change thedate of birth?

it is possible but complicated thingh.

you have to give affidevit in this regard and your urguement will be - it was done (wrong dob) mistakenly.


I have tried to get the lawer's help to file a affidavit in the magistrate court. However as I do not have the proof of residence at the time of birth my lawer said it is not possible.

Now is there any way to get the date of birth in the school/ college records corrected  as per the original date of birth as recorded in the municipal records.what id the procedure. Please advice.




I'm in similar boat... My birth date in all my document is correct as July 01 but is registered incorrect in Municipality birth reigister as Oct 1st.. My parents have tried getting court order to change the date in municipality but had no luck. We have talk to couple of lawyer and they said its not possible to get court order to change birth date in birth certificate. Is there any specific petition we need to file to get court order ? Does it need to be petitioned from same Taluka/District court where I was born ? I really appreicate any guidence in this matter.





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