Threat from past love.

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Hello Friends,

            I am suma , working as software engineer in banglore. I have boy friend X and he knows everything about my life and my past. I was in a live in relationship before with a person Y.  And now my parents are getting me married to somebody else. I cant go against my parents will,  since i am breaking up the promise marriage with X. He is threating me that in case if i get married to somebody else , he is going to reveal everything about past and about my live in relationship with Y to my future husband and he has all the proofs, my call recordings and our chats. My family is not aware of this, Is there any law to prevent him from doing that .



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There is no law to prevent him.  You have to convince him with the help of your trusted friends.

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dont fear at all and just tell him about your problem if he will not understand then be brave and you have the option to move a complaint in police for blackmailing you....

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Hi Suma,

Give police complaint nerby police station , against  "X", for blackmailing you.Apart from this, if you love Mr.X, you tell your parents about this and get approval from them and marry Mr.X, if he is suitable.


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X, Y, Z ... P, Q, R ...

Now, Dont get married & cheat A / B / C ...

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@ Suma 

Why dont you talk it out with your parents or some elderly relatives and convince them about your affair with Mr X .

I presume you love your boyfriend and hence should marry him  or should i say your readymade Hubby chosen by your parents is more appealing is it ?? I dont see the point getting married to some one you dont love . Hence you have to open out to your parents . There is no law to prevent him from doing ....that thing . and should that thing take place you are in deep trouble provided you convince your arranged marriage hubby about your past present affairs .

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Please think if the same person by chance made you pregnant and you delivered a baby and left you, would you leave him simply as you expect him to be? what difference makes your activity than to that? you make two men life screwed and later if your husband comes to know think of your situation, in society you will be named different.

Best, convince your parents and apprise the situation to your live-in man and marry him

second if not possible that, tell the person wh you marry honestly, if he is broad minded ( I dont think he will agree), then marriage is best.

otherwise, you choose hell to live




Hello Dear

There is always diffrence between practical and imaginary life. No matters if u were in a relationship and now want to terminate. There is no such law which can stop him, its true but you should be brave enough and face him. you file a complaint in a concerned police station against him stating he is creating undue pressure on you constantly threatining you to involved in illicit relations. Better you first try to communicate and if it doesnt work then take a bold step and feel secure for rest of the life.


Good luck


Disagree, legal advisor,

Going to PS, everything will come to limelight, and no one who knows these will show even an inch of inclination to marry her. You all imagine ,men seeing police will piss off, but not, when he has so many evidences, what if he hires lawyer and books her in cheating?  huh? No thoughts on other side and inviting the trouble.

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It's advisable to be Brave at this time. Even if he knows about your past, do not worry and go ahead with your parents will BUT sometime or later you have to disclose the same to your husband. not in details about your ex relationship but at least somthing. 

Be Brave and make that man X sure if anything intentioally done by him, you can go to any extent like police complaint etc..

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