Think before marriage/ divorce!!!


After a Marriage every person knotted in the very important and sacred relationship in the World.
There are so many responsibilities automatically comes on his/her shoulder i.e. Financial, Family, Friends, Relations etc...
In a other way Divorce opens the important and good knot by distroying the all i.e. Family, Friends, Relations etc...

You have to think before going to marry or/ and divorce, both are opposite sides of the life.
So live happy & let live happy!!

Dear friends your view/ suggestions about Marriage & Divorce are solicited. Please comment on the matter, it may help peoples to make their life happy & enjoyful with anyone good solution.

corporate lawyer

i think after introduction of 498A and other gender biased law, marriage will become a criminal offence.

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if one looks around, situation has already worsened; beyond control.

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In olden days the social "control" was extreme to the point of oppression. If someone was cheated into marriage to a psychopath, one had to live(rather exist)) with him or her no matter what. Another extreme example of this social oppression was practice of Sati and child marriage. Now people are free to invoke their choices and free not be under burden of the dictates of others. Therefore people should exercise their choices carefully and wisely.

There are some defeats more triumphant than victories

Thus enjoy live in relationship.


what about babies and if separation is due to one partner's fault only..?



I don’t know why but we are heading to western culture. 

No matter what you try; in next 20-30 years, we will be what western countries are right now.

It’s about personal freedom and independence. 

There was time when people used to talk about roti kapda aur makaan but now time is changing and why shouldn't it... 

Victim of crime

Dear Sandip Ji,

While your post is quite noble, it may help to take a moment and try to understand the audience on LCI, especially the LCI Family Law forum.

This forum has broadly, three categories:

1. Victims of family crime. 

2. Perpetuators of family crime.( Offenders)

3. Lawyers giving free advice and wisdom and also soliciting business from Category 1 and Category 2.

This is a highly charged form where the views of the audience may be tainted because of their past negative experience.

If you truly wish to start a general discussion on Marriage and Divorce, perhaps a Sociology or Pschology forum may be more apt.

Most audience here are trying to develop **Strategies to Win**. Whether we as Indians are going towards a western culuture or no, no one cares- neither the government, not the public. Its the time for the lawyers. With over 30 million pending court cases, it is the time for the legal proffessionals. 

This is a very sensitive and flamable forum. Your post, in part states, "  your view/ suggestions about Marriage & Divorce are solicited. Please comment on the matter, it may help peoples to make their life happy & enjoyful with anyone good solution."

You want to start a discussion with terminally ill Cancer patients, harassed by the hospitals ( Court System comprising of property, child custody, alimony, 498 et all )   on how to be healthy and not fall sick. No one wanted the Cancer and now, everyone wants to feed on the cancer. I submit the above respetfully and with no offense. 

Now that I have vented, in the spirit of an intelligent discussion, I am in, as a first instinct response, in the camp of  Advocate Shantanu (Amit)- The situation of Marriage and Divorce are out of control. India is undergoing a serious transformation and neither the government, now the legal or social system nor the public is ready to accept the reality. 

Democratic Indian has articulated it beautifually but the "Free Society" will come with a price. Live in relationships will need a different form of social and legal protection. For e.g in US, even live in relationships can file "498" on each other even if they are of the same s*x. Whether two people who live in  the same home are gay/lesbian or whether they are just two individuals like room mates,the legal and social structure first needs to accept it and then needs to protect it.   

Someone will pay for the freedom of living in, free society, if not the currental generation, then the seeds they have sown. 


Citizens are quite unaware that while the greed of dowry has become quite large,  changes in India society have made women break away from their shackles of slavery to husbands. The parents in law are more to blame for not infusing the right sentiments into their children of earning by themselves rather rthan sucking the in laws. Who dosent know that huge amounts have to be invested in marriages  by parents willingly or unwillingly. No proof can be kept for the amount spent. If husbands have to be made to learn to respect their wives as equals and earn for themselves, 498a is the right law. Look around how many girls have separated from their husbands and then only will you realize her anguish and her parents anguish.


I was going through a survey few days back which stated that the divorce rate in india is less than 2% whr as in US its more than 54%. If this is believed to be cole to reality then I guess there is not much need of worrying.

apart from that its my peosonal observation that where women are financially and socially as strong as men, divorce rate is more. This is a trasition period in countries like India where women are becoming independent and strong which is not readily accepeted by the stronger s*x (as we call us) and that'll in future make condition worse. There is no solution to it that I can think of. I don't call it  'heading to western culture' It's just that we are advancing in our own way




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