Suicide threats!!!

Hello there, I am a man in distress. I got married on force and as of today my wife has attempted 6 suicides. She threatened to drag me and my family to court if I didn't marry her. So under pressure I left behind the one I loved and married her. JK, my wife and I wanted to get married but her parents denied. Eventually I moved on and wanted to marry RN. When JK came to know I am moving on she committed her first suicide and forced me and her parents to agree for the marriage. Her parents knew I didn't want to marry her anymore. But JK and her parents emotionally black mailed to take us to court and file a case on fraud. I got married to JK under pressure. After marriage she continued her suicides. She created more nuisances whenever I spoke to RN. JK even threatened to file a false case against RN. Everyday she would create nuisances. Banging her head on the wall or floor, cutting her wrist, consuming medicines jumping off the 2nd floor. I am extremely stressed out and want to end this marriage. Its been 9 months and I cannot live with this anymore. Please help me I want an annulment. I have even tried to speak to her to agree to mutual annulment. But she denied. Her parents have given up on her and say she took this decision and now she has to stay with me and they will not take her back. What will be the consequences if she is successful in any of the suicides? I want my parents and me to be spared from all this nuisances. Please advice DA

Dear Mrs. Chaudhary, Thank you for the reply. I have got a lot of clarity from your reply. Mr. Bachchan left behind the shiny show off gold and got married to a sober and sought after Mrs. Jaya Bachchan with the blessings of their parents. I got a ticking time bomb that may blow and ruin my family. A fear all my family members live with and pretending to support her is the only get away for them. JK gained my family's sympathy by attempting her first suicide and since then they were her parents instead of mine. After an unlimited number of threats by her dragging us to court and media my parents now understand that this marriage was a terrible mistake. Ignoring all these issues I have tried to live with her. But all my efforts have been a waste of time. I agree guts is all that is required to be with the one I love, yet parents begging me to marry JK was no less a gun pointing to marry the forbidden. We have tried speaking to JK and her parents. The only reaction we get from them is it was her decision and have kind of given up on her as well. I have even arranged for a psychologist to have a written documents on her behaviour. To be honest words like social and moral obligations are mere words when fools like JK pretend to be helpless and women in distress in front of my family but enjoys vacations and attends marriage to show off to the world that she is normal and happy in this marriage. Love and trust is all people need to live a happy marital life. Not drama and threats. I will safeguard my parents and eventually end this marriage that has done no good to anybody. As For me, to be happy neither do I need any Jayabhaduri nor a Rekha. Many thanks



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