Stamp duty on Indemnity Bond

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Can anybody tell me what is the stamp duty levied on the Indemnity Bond in the state of Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram.




You can prepare an indemnity bond on Rs.100/- stamp paper or type on green paper and get it franked from any Bank for Rs.100/-


As suggested by Adv.Shambu, Rs.100 would be the maximum stamp duty payable.



Dear Sir, I'm Kiran. My problem is about indemnity bond to a bank. 1. I was given appointment as a clerk in grameen bank. Before the joining date, I met with an accident. I went to the branch where I'm supposed to join on the joining day, I explained to manager and requested to postpone the joining date. He talked favourably, collected my documents(includes indemnity bond of Rs. 1 Lakh) and at the time of leaving he asked me to sign. I thought it was some kind of visitors register. I signed and left the bank. 2. On the next working day, I informed him that I'm not feeling well and don't want to join in the services of bank. But he said that I already joined because the signature I put in ,is the attendance register so I should talk to the head office employees. 3. The next day, I went to head office and spoke to senior manager. He said that you might talk to chairman but he was available after two days. When I went after 2 days, senior manager said that he spoke to him(chairman) , I should give a resignation letter, they accept it and return my documents. So I gave a resignation letter. 4. After 3 months, yesterday, they sent a letter to pay Rs. 1 lakh . Sir, Please help me. I'm not able to pay the money. I didn't join the bank and resign from service intentionally. I went there to request on joining date and resigned after a week (because of the process of interacting with them) by trusting their words. Is this not cheating by them? Do I have to pay the money compulsorily? Should I produce doctor certificate of treatment? What are my positive points in this process? How can I win? Please advise me. Thank you very much, sir.

It will be wise enough to find out through the Stamp Act governing your Jurisdiction, Since it is Rs. 200/- as per Bombay Stamp Act.


Kiran PT.

From what you have mentioned above, it appears that the officials are unnecessarily harassing you.

Your options are:

1. Engage an advocate to defend ur case; or

2. Write to the Chief Justice of the High Court of your state, explain your case, mention u r unable to hire a lawyer and that u r not being able to defend yourself against these unscrupulous people.

3. Pray !


Good Luck.


Disclaimer: The content above is not a legal advice.




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