Marriage under special marriage act

Hi want to marry my boyfriend who is an indian but stays abroad under special marriage act. he is a native of west bengal and i am from delhi. Where should we submit the application, his parents are against us. how much time it will take he cant take holiday more than a week . does he have to come twice. 

what all documents required. will notice be sent to his house also. please help urgently required




I can get it done in a weeks time in Delhi, please let me know if you want to get the same done.


Warm Regards

Kapil Chandna Advocate




No marriage under the Special Marriage Act,1954 can be solemnized and registered in one week. The notice of 30 days is mandatory provision that even the Marriage Officer cannot ignore or avoid. Any fraud representing to get the marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954 within one week is making fool beware of such fraud. Marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act,1955 can be solemnized and registered in one week.

Do you profess different religions?

If so, get the marriage registered under SMA which shall take minimum a month to complete mandatory required notice period of 28 days; otherwise, under the provisions of the religion you profess shall be easier, time and cost effective.


Ifboth of you are Hindus, Simple and faster way to get married...  Get married accordingly HIndu vedic rites and get it registered a your local Munical ooffice Ward Office

prior to his coming takthe form of marriage registration keep all the dcs reqd.   Once he comes down, then register the marrige as all yr docs are ready, you may get certificate adfter he left, but no problem  while submitting he willbe present



I sail with the views of Advocates Mr.Mahajan and Dr Vasistha

Instructor @ Calcutta (

If your boyfriend is in US then you can go there by travel visa and marry him there.

Then you can extend your I-94 form by showing your dependency. 


Dont go by false rumors that the marriage under special marriages act can be done within a week. Advocate Mr. Mahajan has rightly opined.  Do not try to bend law for your convenience.  You should be aware that it is we who should obey law and not try to bend it in our favor.  




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