Lease or rent period

Hi Sir,


Could you please clarify me - I heard that, if we give property (either agricltural land or house) for rent to the same person for 20 years or more, the tenet can become owner of the property.

Is this correct?

or can you please let me know on what basis he becomes owner of the property.





No. Provided you have the proper documents that he is cultivating the agricultural land as your servant or partner. (2) There is a tenant agreement of the house which belongs to you. But, please don't believe the loose talks. 3) If neither of such documents and he is enjoying the land or house, without your knowledge and permission and you as owner have not taken any action for the last 12 years, then it will be Adverse Possession by him of your land or house. Your approach to evict him wouldn't be allowed by the civil court or you will lose the civil case.

in case of vaild Tenency agreement, Tenent will not become owner in any circumstances

Mr. Deepak Joshi; tenancy agreement for cultivation of land? But, what about Adverse Possession? Heard of such words?

Mr. Om Prakash,

In case valid agreement of any period there is no question of adverse possession.

Primary condition for adverse possession is possession of land/property with any valid agreement between parties.


@OM Prakash,

As per my understanding 


Really, you have enlighten me with the new 'gyan' which I never had before. अरे ज्ञानवान महोदय जी, नया ज्ञान देने से पहले, मेरा जवाब तो पढ़ लेते कि मैंने लिखा क्या है। मेरे ही शब्दों को दोहरा कर ज्ञान देने की आवश्यकता ही क्यों?

"Primary condition.......with any valid agreement between parties", you must be joking. Please show some respect towards this noble profession of advocacy.

It was a typo mistake "without any valid agreement between parties "



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