House kudki

Hello Sir

My parents bought  a house long back which the previous owner had taken some loan from bank. And he escaped.

The original papers are with the bank. 

Now bank asked my parents to return the loan. My brother deposited some amount and later he stopped.

Now bank want to do house kudki. They have told, if house goes in kudki all the money will be given to previous owner account.
If my parents deposit the money, original house papers will also go to previous owner.


My parents are very old and they are in big trouble. Is there any solution for this problem.

Please advice.




How could your parents have purchased the alleged house without even seeing it's original documents? You may be joking with the LCI members?

No Sir, not joking, but they were not aware and he shown some other paper  and they bought. anyways now we know it was not checked properly at tht time.

They are in need of proper advice if they can get the justice. They have other baynama document which is on their name.



प्रिया जी, पिछले मकान मालिक ने उक्त मकान को रेहन रखकर बैंक से कर्ज लिया था, जिसे आपके पैरेंट्स ने खरीद लिया, और वह भाग निकला। अब बैंक के पास अपना कर्ज़ा वसूलने का क्या विकल्प है, सिवा इसके कि उक्त मकान की कुर्की की जाए, जो आपके पेरेंट्स के नाम पर ट्रान्सफर ही नहीं हुआ और वह उसी भगोड़े के नाम पर है।



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