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16 July 2019 at 18:00

Registration from legal heirs

Dear All,
My name is Suresh from Hyderabad.
Just Iam going to take/enter in one registration of property(house) and sanction the home loan also, that property owner (mother) has passed away and her legal heirs(4 sons) are going to be register the property to me.

Actually issue is, they have obtained affidavit for legal heirs from local advocate and they don't have legal heir certificate from MRO/Court.

They have tried in MRO office but they said will not provide for private employees and they don't want to go with court because it is time taking process and also sub register is accepting the registration with Affidavit.

Now If I cancel the deal it will effect on my advance etc. and it will be big issue if they approach to court. My situation is very critical and I can't come back.

Rest of all the documents are clear.

Please suggest can we go for registration.
Is there any alternative option other than legal heir certificate which is reducing the risk after registration.

In between we have third person(My relative) , he knows about vendor very well from many years.


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I am applying for a bank home loan. Bank has given NOC format to have NOC from the society in that particular format. Now the society is not giving NOC as per bank format, which is a standard format for all loans from the bank. Society insists on making minor changes in that format and bank insists of having no change in that format. I am stuck.Society authorities don't understand, as I have explained to them and bank does not understand from the society point of view. Please help. It's urgent. Thanks.

vinay Nagelli

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11 July 2019 at 23:19


Is telangana caste certificate format valid for upsc civil services exam and GATE exam?

Moulieswara Prasad

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11 July 2019 at 15:56

Regarding Medical Admission

My father migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Chennai. He did his Masters in mechanical engineering at IIT Madras. He thereafter settled in Chennai for 25 years. He has married my mother who is a telugu brahmin girl but born and brought up in Tamil Nadu. Now, we belong to the Adi Andhra community which is recognised by both the TamilNadu and Andhra Pradesh governments. Based on my father's community certificate and TC , myself and my sister got our community certificates. Now my sister wrote NEET exam and she applied for the Tamil Nadu state counselling. Since my sister was born and did her schooling completely in the state of Tamil Nadu , her name appeared in the merit list. But she was recognised as OC. When consulted with the Directorate of Medical Education, they said that since our father's community certificate is in Andhra Pradesh , we shall be considered under open competition only. Is the Medical Council justified in it's action? Please help me out honourable lawyers!!!!


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11 July 2019 at 00:26


Hello. I have a question regarding what laws, regulations and compliance have to be done while starting a personal care products manufacturing company Pvt Ltd at Nashik Maharashtra


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10 July 2019 at 11:05

Sign differ on two occassions

Our case is in court under sec 138 , the complainant send us notice for check bounce, we go to court case in progress, actually check in question was not issued to complainant but to someone else. we filled application under sec 263 ipc . the complainant was not interested to give reply but after one year after many dates they forced by judge to give reply and the complainant gived the reply of sec 263. what we found by examine the documents that sign of complainant on privious documents like notice was different than reply of 263.

it means either the sign on previous document or the sign on 263 reply is forged or signed by someone else.
what can we do in that case what action should we take pls suggest

Bhasker Thirumala

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Dear Sir's/Madam's
Our society committee was formed in 2015 although many members had been residing in our building much before that date.
We have following queries to seek help as we have received different views from different lawyers.

1) Is it mandatory to document/display the first/original buyers name in the Share Certificate issued today and than add on the subsequent buyer names in sequence of ownership of the particular apartment/flat.
2) Or can the present Managing committee issue Share certificates to members who haven't received/collected with present owner names directly without incorporating the earlier owner names/lineage.
3) Will there be any bearing on the new elected Managing Committee for errors in Share certificates issued by preceding Management committees.
We have a situation of Share Certificates partly issued by our earlier MC with pre-printed issue dates, folio numbers and share numbers. The I & J registers have also been updated accordingly.
* We requested our earlier MC members if they could sign off the pending Share Certificates to which they declined stating to check with legal if this is permissible and does it have any negative bearing on them.

We appreciate your kind guidance on the above matter.

Thanks and Kind Regards
Bhasker Thirumala

vincent gomez

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I am sorry to say that your platform has no option for any editing/modification and/or deletion of any message/article once it is written and your modify/edit option suggested in the page do not work as required. Pl check and resolve it.


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Im residented in Chennai here just near to my home a marriage hall is built
So my doubt is what are the norms set by our government inorder to maintain a marriage hall please provide me information


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23 June 2019 at 08:17

About Estamp licence

Hi This is pavan I want start a new documenration company in Bangalore city , I want to know how to get e stamping licence for my company?


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