Arrogant judge/faa/president of consumer forum - rs.10000 fi


07 February 2019

In a property dispute with builder we had filed a consumer forum complaint in consumer forum.

The case was not decided in our favor and we had to go for appeal.

When we got the order sheet there were glaring mistakes in names of parties in cause title, which made it look like the parties were not us and someone else as addresses also were typed wrongly.

Hence I being one of the complainant given a request letter to the President of the Consumer Forum to correct and give the names in cause title.

I gave but I did not get any reply from the forum, hence to know what action taken on my complaint regarding changing names of parties in cause title as per original complaint cause title, I filed RTI application.

Reply came stating that my request letter was rejected and that I can file First Appeal if information provided ws un satisfactory.

Hence I filed First Appeal to FAA who is that president itself. He rejected my first appeal and stated that the RTI application along with my intitial request letter requesting him to change and give the names of parties in cause title of order sheet is also rejected.

Thereafter I filed second appeal at State Information Commission. This ws in last year. June.

Now the State Informatoin Commissoin raise certain objections stating that I had filed FAA letter under 7(1) of RTI Act but where as I had to file under 19(1) and asked me to resubmit the FAA letter under 19(1) again. So I re-submitted it again. Sent a copy of the 19(1) FAA letter again to the FAA.

The FAA passed order asking me to pay 10000 rupees for filing the same FAA letter again once again for wasting his time.

I wrote the problem here and Sh. Kumar DOAB asked me to write to CIC. I wrote to CIC and NCDRC, and they in turn wrote to this arrogant president to change and give the names in the cause title of the order sheet.

I got a copy of the same order sheet where 1 party name ws stricken off and changed whereas other parties names and adddress were not corrected. This order sheet copy came along with the order where he asked me to pay 10000 rupees as fine.

I had again written to CIC, NCDRC stating the above and the CIC wrote back that I should contact the High Court.


I want to know shall I file writ petition in High Court? What is the remedy for this?

It appears as if the FAA/President is purppsefully doing this to harass me as he may have taken bribe from builder to dismiss our complaint.

Isaac Gabriel (Expert)
08 February 2019

The FAA is obliged to reject the FA or direct the Public Authority to furnish the information sought for.The Information Act section 19(1) has not provided any such power to the FAA to impose fine on the Applicant,much less invoke penal provisions under the RTI Act.Neverthless the advise to seek intervention by the High Court seems superfluous, since CIC can invoke the powers under section 20, though it is directory so as to force the FAA to seek interference by the HighCourt.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha (Expert)
08 February 2019

Damaging comments about Honorable Judges will not be encouraged here.

N.J.S.Rajkumar alias narasimha (Expert)
08 February 2019

This is not the place for you to expose your frustrations

Ganesh Aachaarya (Querist)
08 February 2019

Gabriel sir,
Thanks, CIC has asked me to approach High Court.

Rajkumar ji.

When you people came on to the streets and the 4 judges came and stood before the public with folded hands, what was it. Did we tell this is nt the place to exhibit your frustrations?

Every judge is a govt official. He is doing job for public benefit. First he should learn to behave in such fashion that he belongs to that chair. His attitude towards work is clearly demonstrated as not willing to work. In a consumer forum it is a bench. if one nut misses to tight. the other should. Here the names of parties have been typed incorrectly just to ensure that the case itself is not located on internet on the CONFONET website.

4 people have deliberately not done their job.

Hon CIC has already suggested me to file case in High Court against this arrogant consumer forum president.

When there is injustice happening one has to raise voice, that you are supposed to know as a advocate, or are you just another blook sucking vampire suited booted vakil??? I wonder.

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