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On : 08 November 2010


 Dated :


The Related Authorities,





Copy To:







Please take cognizance of my genuine grievance against the following  Managers of State Bank Of Hyderabad :

1) Sri S. Venkataraman, The Deputy General Manager, Inspection Department Head Office Gunfoundry;

2) Sri Ayyanna, The Chief Manager, Office Administration Head Office, Gunfoundry, &

3) Others in the calculation of the recovery amount from my salary.


My Date Of Appointment : 30/09/1986 & Date Of Confirmation : 31/03/1987.  First Posting at Icrisat Branch Patancheru. On 09/05/1995 redesignated as Data Entry Computer Operator and transferred to Ramachandrapuram Branch. On 11/11/2000, one Manager named Sri Ramaraju who was biased against me, managed to get  me transferred to Zaheerabad Branch. Though I was commuting to and fro 202 kms. and attending office,  one Sri Krishna Murthy began to use abusive language and physically restrain me from discharging my duty. He was snatching away the attendance register.

I submitted my complaint letters dated 18/04/2002 and 18/08/2002 vide RL F 1342; 1343 dated 20/04/02 to the The Chief General Manager(CGM) Sri Ranjit Singh Nanda & The Assistant General Manager Zonal Office (Secunderabad) and RLAD B 5517 & 5516 dated 17/08/02 to the The Branch Manager Zaheerabad Branch & The CGM respectively. 

When Sri Subhash Kulkarni, who is presently working at the GM(Op) Secretariat Department H.O., took over as the Branch Manager of the SBH Zaheerabad Branch, I could attend office however, I was issued transfer orders on the condition that I should submit leave letters for all the days wherein I was abstained from work by the acting Manager Sri Krishna Murthy who enjoyed impunity. As it was a matter of my livelihood and transfer to a branch in city, I agreed and submitted leave letters. Thus, I was transferred to SBH Habsiguda Branch on 04/09/2002.

I was due for annual increment from December 2002, but I was not paid and despite several representations dated as follows:-

1) letters dated 08/10/2002 & reminder dated 13/02/2003 vide registered post with acknowledge due;

2) letter dated 12/12/2003 vide RLAD : 5405 dated 20/12/2003 to the Assistant General Manager Sri M C Jacob, Zonal Office (Secunderabad) ZO(S) Begumpet;

3) letter dated 02/01/2004 vide RLAD : 6026 dated 03/01/2004 to the Assistant General Manager Sri Sesha Sayee, ZO(S);

4) letter dated 12/04/2004 to the Chief Manager, SBH Habsiguda Branch;

5) letter dated 12/06/2004 to the CM, SBH Habsiguda Branch vide RLAD A : 3696 dated 12/06/2004;

6) letter dated 14/09/2004 to the AGM SBH Habsiguda Branch;

7) letter dated 29/09/2004 to AGM, Zonal Office (S);

8) letter dated 10/02/2005 to the AGM SBH Habsiguda Branch vide SP EE626564147IN dated 14/02/2005 & vide SPEE625643060IN dated 29/04/2005 to the CGM; SP EE624656526IN dated 21/04/2005 to the General manager SBH Head Office Gunfoundry; 

9) letter dated 27/05/2005 to the The Assistant General Manager(AGM), SBH Habsiguda Branch;

10) letter dated 08/06/2005 to the  AGM, SBH Habsiguda Branch;

11) letter dated 11/10/2005 to the Deputy General Manager(DGM), ZO(S);

12) letter dated 11/11/2005 to the DGM ZO(S);

13) letter dated 24/11/2005 to the AGM, SBH Habsiguda Branch,

14) letter dated 22/12/2005 to the AIBEA (Union Office);

15) letter dated 12/09/2006 to the DGM/CM Inspection Department, H.O.;

16) letter dated 21/09/2006 to the DGM Inspection Department H.O., the GM(operations) H.O.,

17) letter dated 12/10/2006 to the DGM Inspection Dept. H.O. & copies to the GM(Op), the PAD H.O.;

18) letter dated 13/10/2006 to the General Secretary, AIBEA Gunfoundry;

19) letter dated 20/10/2006 to the DGM Ms Rajni Mishra Inspection Department, H.O vide SP EE624725059IN 20/10/06;

20) letter dated 27/03/2007 to The DGM ZO(S), Begumpet vide SP EE624011945IN dated 27/03/2007 & to the DGM Inspection Dept. H.O. vide  & RLA:5052 dated 28/03/2007 & to the AIBEA vide RLA : 5053 dated 28/03/2007;

21) letter dated 24/12/2007 to the DGM Inspection H.O., PS to CGM, H.O., PS to GM(Op), PS to MD's Dept. H.O. duly acknowledged.

Meanwhile on 27/12/2005, I was assaulted by one tamil Accountant Sri S. Pasupathi at the SBH Habsiguda Branch. I had submitted my complaint letter dated 27/12/2005 to the AGM Sri Y. Ranganathan duly acknowledged.

On 10/01/2006, I was abstained from discharging my duty by the AGM Sri Y. Ranganathan and the Accounts Officer named Sri S. Pasupathi who all misused their positions and were unempowered to exercise their authority of disallowing me from work. I was threatened by them to be thrown out of the branch premises. The Union and others did not intervene to the outrageous and extreme injustice. Immediately, I submitted my grievance to the Higher Authorities vide letters dated 10/01/2006 duly acknowledged by the PS to the MD's Dept., PS to the GM(O), PS to the CGM, the DGM ZO (S) and the AIBEA Union Office. Though a legal notice was served by an advocate, they all failed to respond. It was also expensive for me to engage an advocate but I had filed petition with the State Legal Services Authority.

It was only after four months that I received a letter dated 25/04/2006 from Ms Rajni Mishra DGM Inspection Department H.O. In response I had submitted letters dated 06/05/2006 & 13/05/2006 vide RL AD : 4210 addressed to the GM(O) H.O. & RL AD : 4211 addressed to the DGM Inspection Dept. H. O. dated 15/05/2006.

Thereafter, I had submitted letters dated 22/05/2006 vide RL 1899 dated 23/05/06 to the GM(O) H.O. and another dated 19/06/2006 to the DGM ZO(S) duly acknowledged.

It is to point out the callous treatment shown to me and subjecting me to mental agony and physical strain of the unresponsive and late response to my grievance by the Higher Authorities. The Union Office too had ignored my complaints. The above stated Managers enjoyed impunity while the State Bank Of Hyderabad got benefited by depriving me of my salaries and allowances. Similarly, I was mentally tormented by these bank officials by denying me my entitled emolument due in 2002. I was s*xually harassed and provoked into unwanted communication about the long overdue increment pending for payment over several years.

Ultimately, I got transferred to Inspection Department in the presence of the Mandal Revenue Inspector based on my complaint with the Collector of the Ranga Reddy District at the SBH Habsiguda Branch. But I had to  incur huge monetary loss out of unpaid salaries and allowances during the period February 2006 to August 2006.

It was in 2007 vide letter nos:F/INSP/GR.VII/4739 dated 16/01/2007; Insp/Gr.VII/1016 dated 09/06/2007 & F/INSP/GR.VII/4473A dated 26/12/2007 that my fabricated leave record and balance was released with a figure of 658 days though it was the above stated Managers who all had unlawfully abstained me from discharging my duty and the related Annual Increment with the Graduation Pay I & II, FPP and the Stagnation Increment were thus sanctioned in 2007. As for the letter no:INSP/GR.VII/1129 dated 11/06/2007 though a copy was not enclosed with the lrno:Insp/Gr.VII/1016 dated 09/06/2007, I was informed that the increment arrears were adjusted towards affecting appropriate recoveries for the leave on loss of pay. Here again, I have been unjustifiably deprived of monetary benefits without any fault on my part while the above stated Managers enjoyed impunity. After waiting for five years, I am informed that the increment arrears have been adjusted towards recoveries for loss of pay.

As per letter dated 14/06/2007 I was paid increment arrears for the period 12/09/2006 to 31/05/2007 along with the enclosed worksheet. Thereafter, my leave record and salaries and allowances were regularised. Afterwhich, it was like bonded slavery and daily wages labourer because of the poor leave balance suffered due to the extreme injustice and outrageous acts of the above stated bank officials of abstaining me from discharging my duty. As it was an issue about my only source of livelihood I began to attend office regularly and avail an hour's permission whenever necessary to attend urgent work. At the same time, some bank officials in the Department were kind to me and I could attend regularly. 

On 24/06/2010, I was given a letter dated 23/06/2010 advising me to remit an amount of Rs88,397=25 towards recoveries of salaries and allowances for loss of pay from 01/01/2002 to 11/09/2006. In response, I had submitted several representations to the Higher Authorities as follows:-

1) Letter dated 23/04/2010 addressed to the Related Higher Authorities sent by email.

2) letter dated 17/06/2010 addressed to the Higher Authorities sent by email.

3) Letter dated 24/06/2010 addressed to Smr Renu Challa, The Managing Director, H.O., duly acknowledged by the PS to MD.

4) Letter dated 25/06/2010 addressed to the Chief Vigilance Officer, H.O. and copies to the MD's Dept, the GM(O), the CGM, H.O., vide email.

5) Letter dated 13/09/2010 addressed to the DGM Inspection Dept., H.O. vide SP EE456715300IN dated 13/09/2010 and copies sent by email.

6) Letter dated 07/10/2010 addressed to the Related Higher Authorities duly acknowledged and sent by email.

7) Letter dated 10/10/2010 addressed to the DGM Inspection Dept., H.O. seeking worksheet of the calculation of Rs88,397=25 towards recoveries for loss of pay from 01/01/2002 till 11/09/2006.

8) letter dated 18/10/2010 addressed to the Related Authorities duly acknowledged by their Personal Secretaries and sent by email.

9) Letter dated 25/10/2010 addressed to the Related Authorities duly acknowledged by their Personal Secretaries and sent by email.

10) Letter dated 26/10/2010 addressed to the Related Authorities duly acknowledged by their Personal Secretaries in response to the Suspension Order No;1854 dated 26/10/2010.

Conclusively, it is to point out that though I had submitted several representations expressing my genuine grievance there has not been any response. Instead, the same persons namely Sri S. Venkataraman DGM Inspection Department and Sri Ayyanna Chief Manager of Office Administration Department H.O. against whom I had complained have conspired with few others and began their perverted harassment over me. The Chief Manager Sri Ayyanna of the Office Administration Dept.  also holds position as the Disciplinary Authority for the Award Staff, so he has conveniently issued a Suspension Order based on irrelevant charges mostly fabricated and untrue.

Ever since the Deputy General Manager, Sri S. Venkataraman of Inspection Department and Sri Ayyanna Chief Manager of Office Administration Department took over charge, I have been discriminated and excessively harassed. I can attribute the same to be termed as "s*xual harassment", because, I had already submitted my grievance vide letter dated 23/04/2010. The DGM Sri S. Venkatraman was habituated to disturb me during lunch time when there were few staff around over irrelevant issues such as cell phones and laptops. The above stated bank officials are habituated to indulge in unwanted conversations and dialogues with me over baseless charges framed by them. Or else, withhold my loan applications and other entitled benefits applied by me. Generally, staff matters are dealt by the related Department's Accounts Officer or the Chief Manager, but the above stated DGM Sri S. Venkataraman has specifically instructed them to direct all my applications to him. In this manner, I have been mentally tormented by these s*xually perverted bank official by withholding my recently applied Leave Fare Concession and the Personal Loan Applications. The DGM Sri S. Venkataraman is s*xually perverted and he has instructed the other related Officers that I should directly deal with him. In this manner, I have been deprived of the benefits attached to the award staff. Most of the time I have avoided approaching and indulging in wasteful dialogues with the s*xually perverted bank officials. Instead, I began representing my grievance to Higher Authorities as per the letters stated above. Unfortunately, I had not got any response and the s*xually perverted bank managers began to harass me in excess.  Please note that I am working under the award staff category and I am not an Officer to deal all my staff issues directly with the DGM. All the award staff matters are looked after by the Accounts Officer and the Chief Managers. There is another Assistant General Manager Sri S. D. K. Nageshwara Rao working as the second in-charge to the DGM in the Inspection Department.    

In short, the above stated bank officials are simply covering up the erroneous calculations of the recovery amount and have begun the recovery of Rs.7367/= from my salaries of  my salaries of September and October 2010. In my letter dated 18/10/2010, I had submitted the savings/current account statements of my SBH Zaheerabad Branch and SBH Habsiguda Branch, wherein my salaries and allowances have been credited.

Please note the difference related to the payment of salaries to my accounts and the same noted by the nefarious bank officials in their worksheet for calculation of recoveries for loss of pay. Moreover, the annual increment due to me should be calculated separately from December 2002 till August 2006 based on the salaries paid to me.

Presently I do not have the Dearness Allowance rates to put forth the accurate figures in a tabular form for more clarity. Thereby, I request your good eligible offices to kindly conduct an enquiry based on the enclosed copies submitted to nab the nefarious, corrupt and unscrupulous bank officials. The Higher Authorities have not intervened and are indirectly endorsing the malpractice of irregularity and fraud by way of wrongful recovery from my salaries and allowances.

Please note the following list of documents enclosed for your kind perusal:-

1) Letter dated 23/06/2010 ; 2) dated 16/01/2007 ; 3) Lr. no:1016 dated 09/06/2007 ; 4) Lr no:4473A dated 26/12/2007 ; 5) Letter dated 14/06/2007 (enclosure:1page) ; 6) Lr dated 07/10/2010 with enclosures : i)lr dt 25/6/10 ii)lr dated 17/6/2010 iii)lr dated 23/4/2010 iv)lr dated 13/9/10 ; 7) Lr dated 18/10/2010 with enclosures : i)lr no:F/3125 dated 12/10/2010  with four enclosures of worksheet calculating the recovery towards loss of pay ii) SB A/c No;00007259 statement of account from 01/07/2001 to 17/4/2002 - 3pages iii) SB A/c No:01190095041 from 01/09/2002 till 08/12/2005-6pages, iv)CA A/c No:01090095041 from 01/09/2002 till 08/12/2005-4pages, v)CA A/c No:52191021195 ; 8) payslips for the months of September and October 2010, 9) lr no;1854 dated 26/10/2010 signed by the CM of OAD Head Office.

It is shocking that such type of nefarious and corrupt bank officials indulging in erroneous and whimsical recoveries for loss of pay based on fabricated leave record are left untouched to enjoy impunity.









JAN2002 14288=34 4500=00 OCT2004 17803=29 11956=55
FEB2002 14291=18 777=26 NOV2004 18151=82 12226=15
MAR2002 14291=18 133=03 DEC2004 18151=82 13126=15
APR2002 14291=18   JAN2005 18151=82 11826=15
MAY2002 0 0 FEB2005 18330=38 12311=35
JUN2002 0 0 MAR2005 18330=38 12311=35
JUL2002 0 0 APR2005 18330=38 12311=35
AUG2002 14686=06   MAY2005 18379=20 12354=00
SEP2002 14686=06 7727=00 JUN2005 18379=20 12354=00
OCT2002 14686=06 11150=10 JUL2005 18379=20 14297=20
NOV2002 17083=01 11426=05 AUG2005 18476=83 13394=85
DEC2002 17083=01 12226=05 SEP2005 18476=83 13394=85
JAN2003 17083=01 12226=05 OCT2005 18476=83 13394=85
FEB2003 17175=95 11411=30 NOV2005 18818=54 14636=55
MAR2003 17175=95 11411=30 DEC2005 18818=54 14636=55
APR2003 17175=95 11911=30 JAN2006 18818=54 14636=55
MAY2003 17152=71 11890=00      
JUN2003 17152=71 11890=00      
JUL2003 17152=71 11890=00      
AUG2003 17408=30 6257=60      
SEP2003 17408=30 12124=35      
OCT2003 17408=30 12114=20      
NOV2003 17547=71 12242=20      
DEC2003 17547=71 12642=20      
JAN2004 17547=71 12622=20      
FEB2004 17640=65 10707=40      
MAR2004 17640=65 11807=40      
APR2004 17640=65 11807=40      
MAY2004 2089=11 11850=05      
JUN2004 17887=12 11850=05      
JUL2004 0 0      
AUG2004 0 0      
SEP2004 17803=29 11756=55      


Thanking you in anticipation.  Please save me from this mental torture and injustice. Shortly, I shall make available the Dearness Allowance rates in order to arrive at the correct figures.











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