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By : govind kumar
On : 10 May 2010

Duty Roster

What is duty roster in indian railway? How 12 hrs duty roster introduced?


By : Stanly.Paul
On : 19 June 2010

Re:Duty Roster in IndianRailway

Duty hours of employees working in railways is determined according to the classification of post declared by the head of the railway administration in accordance with the provision of  Railway Servant's(Hours of Work & Periodic Rest) Rules, 2005. 12 hrs duty in indian railway is known as Essentially Intermittent(in short 'EI'). Other different type of rosters exist in IR are Continuous(8hrs), Intensive(6hrs) and Excluded(no specific duty hours/to be called for duty at any time). The duty hours of railway employees are regulated in accordance with the provisions of Chapter XIV of the railways act, 1989 and rules made thereunder i.e. Railway Servant's(Hours of Work & Periodic Rest) Rules, 2005. Normaly a post is classified/treated as continuous(8hrs duty), after conducting a factual job analysis for 72 consecutive hours wherin work load of the post is recorded( i.e. sustained attention and other physical activity ) the post will be declared as ‘EI’(12hrs duty/downward classification) or Intensive (6hrs duty/upward classification). Any person aggrieved by the classification may prefer an appeal to Regional Labour Commissioner(Central) of the concerned area.Second appeal lies to Secretary, minisry of labour or can be approached Central Administrative Tribunal for relief.  


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