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By : TonyRaj
On : 14 July 2012

Voice communication being misused by brokers to mislead clients.What are SEBI Rules/Guidlines on the same.

1. What are the rules/regulations for making margin calls (Voice)?

2. What is the time frame within which the client should make good the margin required?

3. What are the safety rules/regulations available to clients when brokerages resort to voice calls to clients to mislead them?

4. What are the rules/regulations for brokerages to close out retail client positions for want of adequate margins?

5. What are rules /regulations when voice communication is resorted to by brokerages for critical communications?

6. What are rules /regulations governing voice communication resorted to by brokerages for critical communication.

7. Should brokerages be able to say they cannot retrieve the voice communication made and be allowed to go scot - free of any liability after causing irreparable damages to the retail client with misleading voice calls?


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