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Young & energetic Legal Practitioners

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Adv Nitin Jagtap, venkatanagireddy, DEETI LAKSHMINARAYANA , SHARAD CHANDRA DANEJ, drknshah18, rohit s, Sita Vallabhav, raghunath govindan, jayanta ghosh, Bhani Athreya,
Description Query,discussion and problem solving easy tips related to various aspects of civil litigation from young & energetic legal practitioners are invited so as to help each other.
Owner R.M.Bhaduri
Creation Date 07/09/2009 11:12:58
Total Members 109

Community Forum

Title Total Posts
TN Apartments Act 1994- need guidance 1
Reforms on existing Juvenile Law 1
evidence act 2
CS Club India 1
Difference between question of fact & question of law 1
Any body Interested to join ? 1
If Bar requires quality lawyers, then Bench too requires quality Judges 2
If Bar requires quality lawyers, then Bench too requires quality Judges 1
5000 Gramnayalayas are to be established 1
Lawyers in purview of Right to Information Act, 2005 3
Relief to helpless landlords from unscrupulous tenants 1
Business Ethics & its code of conduct 1
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Prakash G. Deval

hemant sharma

raj kumar makkad

D. Arun Kumar

Vikas Dharmendra


WHATSAPP 91-8075113965

Amit Goyal

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