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Young & energetic Legal Practitioners

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venkatanagireddy, DEETI LAKSHMINARAYANA , SHARAD CHANDRA DANEJ, drknshah18, rohit s, Sita Vallabhav, raghunath govindan, jayanta ghosh, Bhani Athreya, Christina MN,
Description Query,discussion and problem solving easy tips related to various aspects of civil litigation from young & energetic legal practitioners are invited so as to help each other.
Owner R.M.Bhaduri
Creation Date 07/09/2009 11:12:58
Total Members 108

Community Forum

Title Total Posts
TN Apartments Act 1994- need guidance 1
Reforms on existing Juvenile Law 1
evidence act 2
CS Club India 1
Difference between question of fact & question of law 1
Any body Interested to join ? 1
If Bar requires quality lawyers, then Bench too requires quality Judges 2
If Bar requires quality lawyers, then Bench too requires quality Judges 1
5000 Gramnayalayas are to be established 1
Lawyers in purview of Right to Information Act, 2005 3
Relief to helpless landlords from unscrupulous tenants 1
Business Ethics & its code of conduct 1
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Prakash G. Deval

hemant sharma

raj kumar makkad

D. Arun Kumar

Vikas Dharmendra


WHATSAPP 91-8075113965

Amit Goyal

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