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Intellectual Property System

India continues to be placed on the Priority Watch List under the US Special 301 on account of USA’s assessment of Indian IPR protection being inadequate. The Special 301 Report issued by the United States under their Trade Act of 1974 is a un

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How to Choose Trademark Class for Trademark Registration

Trademark Class is playing a very important role during the Trademark Registration. Non-legal background people always confuse about the trademark cla

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Protecting Trans Border Reputation

A trademark is a visual symbol applied to an article with a view to indicate the trade source from which it comes. It can be a word, device, label, na

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Can Section 15 of the Copyright Act, 1957 be applied to an original artistic work of engineering drawing?

As an IP lawyer, let me write something on a burning issue related to an applicability  Section 15 of the Copyright Act, 1957 (herein after refer

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