Legal Maxims - II



Cachinnus (L) => a loud laugh

Cachot (Fr) => dungeon

Cadit quoestio (L) => the question drops

Cave quid dicis, quandoe, e cui (L) => beware what you say, where and to whom

Centum (L) => a hundred

Charmante (Fr) => a charming woman

Cher ami (Fr) => a dear male friend

Currente calamo (L) => with a running pen



Da capo (It) => from the beginning

Danke schon (Ger) =. Many thanks

De mortuis nil nisi bonum (L) => say nothing but good of the dead

Deus avertat ! (L) => God forbid!

Deus det! (L) => God grant!

Dies non (L) => a day on which judges donot hold Court

Dum spiro, spero (L) => while I breathe, I hope



En cuerpo (Sp) => in a close fitting dress

Exceptio confirmat regulam (L) => exception proves the rule

Ex curia (L) => out of Court

Ex delicto (L) => owing to crime

Ex officio (L) => by virtue of his office

Ex parte (L) => on one side only

Falsi crimen (L) => crime of falsity

Filius nullius (L) => a bastard

Fille de joie (Fr) => a prostitute






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