Child Sexual Abuse


Child Sexual Abuse is a form of abuse or doing something wrong with malafide intention by an adult or adolescent for sexual stimulation with children. It consists of fondling, child pornography, using child for sexual activities and indecent exposures. This is a serious problem which exists in our society and sometimes victim(boy or girl)are not aware due to their innocence and perpetrators most of the times are relatives. The consequences of this activity are very horrible and some of them are depression, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, physical disorder. The most widespread problem among child sexual abuse is child incestuous abuse which is sexual activity between family members or close relatives.

Types of Child Sexual Abuse

Sexual assault-It consists of rape, sodomy. Sexual exploitation-prostituting a child, creating pornography, child trafficking.

How are the situations and presence of these situations in Indian society?

In Indian society, children are considered as the future of the country but nowadays we are careless about them because on one hand, we talk about child rights on the other we are violating their rights. Child sex-related crimes can be committed by a person who may be our relative or stranger and in most of the cases wrongdoer is our neighbour or close relatives, children are not aware of these situations in their life  and they don’t dare to tell their parents and starts misbehaving like, anger, silence, they fear from the contact of any person. Some wrongdoers create nice impression on the child as well as on their parents so they should not be doubted on and starts abusing and sexual stimulation, Indian they threaten the child about not discussing this physical contact otherwise they may be injured or killed. Statistics of child sexual abuse in India are in an alarming rate, India from 2001-2011,4800 child rape cases were reported and increase of 336% child rape cases. According to the study by Indian government about 12500 children from India, 53% children both boys and girls were equal victims in these cases. In this year till march 400 cases had been registered following the cases  in Bangalore and 2 cases were reported in the month of October and atleast  9 cases regarding rape and sexual assault with children so the cases are increasing day by day despite having statute, POCSO (protection of child from sexual offences,2012). Before POCSO most of the cases regarding child molestation, abuse , rape were not reported but because pressure on the government from the public about safety of their child it came to be known as the protective law and got appreciated by the public and this law needs proper implementation in the Indian society and perpetrators should be treated strictly so  that they should think twice before doing this immoral act.

Solution of this problem can be considered as simple, parents should be open ,behave properly with their children and they should tell them about these situations. Creating awareness programme in each state by interacting with children, posters regarding safety, child workshops, TV shows, news channels. Parents play important role they should be frank with the child so that if anything happens with them ,they could discuss with them. The main debate regarding safety of children in schools is main concern after the Bangalore incident of child rape. The school authority needs to be careful about safety measures in their school because children spend their most of the time in school where they cannot expect these incidents with them and teachers are their ideals therefore  they encourage children to save themselves from this dangers and stricter laws can fully solve these problem. Adults should be aware that these are immoral and cruel acts which creates some physical problem with their body. The main concern is that several cases goes unreported in many situations and it gives chance to perpetrators to commit this without any hesitation and it must be solved.


Through the abovementioned discussion, it can be inferred that Child Sexual Abuse is a matter of serious concern because children are not safe even at home as perpetrators are in majority of the cases are neighbors or relatives. Therefore the mentioned solution need to be implemented in order to be frank and open with your kids so that they may not hesitate to discuss any matter which can be of utmost significance. The solution of these problems initiates from the parental care itself, they should discuss about these unwanted conduct which can take place at any point of time in their life and child should be taken in various awareness campaigns where they can be taught about handling these circumstances carefully. Apart from parental care, laws need to be strictly implemented and perpetrators need to be punished for monstrous conduct so that next time any other person should think thousands of times before indulging in such unexpected and humiliating conduct. Childhood need to be saved since children are upcoming future of the country and they have to take initiative in the prosperous development of country.


Shubham Mishra 
on 21 March 2017
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